Coffee & Baths

Coffee & Baths

Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Georgetown called Saxby’s. The atmosphere and smell in here is very pleasant — and there are tons of Georgetown students, so I’m going to pretend I’m one of them for a while and let you all know what I’ve been up to lately.


Aside from diligently working at my internship, I’ve had the chance to attend some pretty swanky events within the past couple weeks. Last Friday night, I finally got to go to a concert! I attended the show of an artist who goes by the name Baths at a venue called The Black Cat. I met Baths before the show started, but didn’t know it was him until he got on stage. Go figure. Anyway, I’m determined to see quite a few live shows here, so I’m glad I got at least one under my belt.


Speaking of belts—I just ate a huge cupcake. I don’t know if belts and cupcakes correlate super well, but whatever. The cupcake was from a lovely coffee shop called Baked and Wired near Georgetown, and honestly…the cupcake was finger lickin’ good. It was so appetizing in fact, that I think I’ll come back to try one called “the Elvis impersonator (with optional candied bacon).”



Pick Flick

You know what I like almost as much as cupcakes? Movies. Last Sunday night, I went to a screening of one of my favorite movies ever, Election. The more I see it, the more I love it. It was a small event, and I somehow found out about it on a casual Google search. It was oddly located in a Navy memorial building, but the theatre inside was fantastic. The producers (Albert Berger, David Gale and Ron Yerxa), along with the writer (Jim Taylor) were there during the film, but also for a question and answer period after the film. Trust me, random Google searches go a very long way. If you haven’t seen Election yet, I’m 99.9% sure you’ll love it.



Speaking of movies, The Wolf of Wall Street trailer came out a few days ago. This is great news for me, but also great news for Keppler Speakers. If you’re unaware, The Wolf of Wall Street is an upcoming film directed by Martin Scorsese about the life of Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio—yes, my favorite Leo). Based on a memoir by Belfort, this story revolves around the success and downfall of one of the richest men on Wall Street. At my internship, we work with Jordan Belfort.


Having the movie trailer out really helps the marketing team, especially since the trailer went viral almost immediately. I’m currently working on a promotional video for Jordan Belfort, and it seems almost surreal. I never would have expected to have such  an indirect, semi-close connection with Leo or Martin Scorsese. I’m a pretty happy camper right now.



I think I’ve had enough talking about cupcakes and movies for one night, so I’m going to bike back home to NoMA. Wish me luck.





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