Canada Day & Fourth of July

Canada Day & Fourth of July

Back home, Canada Day is filled with parades, free food, sunshine and fireworks. Here in D.C, I got up early on Canada Day to head to the Canadian embassy for a pancake breakfast. Of course, the pancake breakfast didn't just have pancakes. The Canadian embassy made sure that everyone got tons of free food, free drinks and free swag (including fancy cowboy hats). I celebrated with all my Canadian TWC friends and even got to meet some lovely Canadian interns who were working at the embassy. I would definitely say that Canada Day in the United States was a success, despite the fact that I wasn’t actually in Canada.



Happy Canada Day!


Three days later, it was July 4th, and the parties kept on coming. I must say, I’m very glad my first July 4th experience was in Washington, D.C. with a bunch of entertaining interns. I started the day off by going for brunch at a great place called Ted’s Bulletin. I highly recommend it—they even have homemade pop tarts!



Amazing breakfast at Ted's Bulletin.


The streets outside of Ted’s Bulletin were packed with festivities—and obviously tons of American patriotism. People were dressed in costumes, children were running around blowing bubbles, and huge American flags were hanging down from houses and businesses all over the neighborhood. There was even a movie theatre next to the restaurant that was playing “This is America, Charlie Brown” for free. After exploring the neighborhood a bit, I spent the day at the RAF with some of my closest intern friends celebrating Independence Day and pretending that I was an American (only for a day!). At night, I headed to the National Mall to gaze up at the fantastic fireworks. By the time I finally ended up back home at the RAF, I sat on my balcony for a good hour because my balcony has a great view of the city, so I could see fireworks from all directions well into the night.


Top: July 4th Charlie Brown movie screening, Bottom: July 4th shenanigans.

With my Media and Communications programming, my class and my civic engagement project, I was a little worn out before the festivities. Gladly, having a couple of days of good ol’ fashioned celebration was just what I needed to recharge myself.



It was a very historic day at the Supreme Court a few days before all the Canada Day and July 4th shenanigans began. I feel like I have to include this, because it was just such an important event. DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) was deemed unconstitutional because it denied equal protection rights to same-sex couples. Now, same-sex couples can share the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples. On June 26, I headed over to the Supreme Court after my internship to see what was happening. Though the majority of the people were gone, it felt very special being there and supporting the decision. Yay for equal rights!


The couple on the left just got engaged when I took this picture!


Alright, well it looks like I have to go now. Every week me and some other girls in the RAF watch the Bachelorette together. I know it’s a horrible show. Don’t judge me, it’s a tradition now.


Bon Soir!



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