Bookstores & Baseball Games

Bookstores & Baseball Games

Being at the Washington Center is like being in college in Washington, D.C. I’m a commuter student at the University of Alberta, so I feel fortunate to have experienced a small sample of what it might be like at an American University— minus the fancy furniture and dishware. The Washington Center has provided me with a well-rounded educational and professional experience that will definitely benefit me in whatever I decide to pursue in the future.


The Washington Center has not only helped me in my academic and professional pursuits, but has also helped me become more aware of the important issues that exist in Washington, D.C. Volunteering has always been a fulfilling for me, and the Animal Welfare civic engagement project was a wonderful initiative that I was proud to take part in. I don’t have any pets of my own, but I often walk two Jack Russels (Sammy and Zoe) back home in my neighborhood.


Going to the Animal Welfare meetings really helped me learn the harsh realities of animal cruelty, but also taught me the resources I can use to help these animals. A couple weeks ago, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue held an adoption event at the RAF and I helped out by playing with the dogs, giving them water and talking to potential adopters.


Puppy therapy.


Other than spending time with puppies, I’ve been attempting to explore every nook and cranny of Washington and Virginia. Because everyone was raving about Alexandria, I went there, took some lovely pictures of the waterfront and walked through Old Town. If I ever have the chance to go back, I definitely want to grab some dinner by the water.


Alexandria, Virginia


I can never get enough baseball, so midweek I went with a couple friends to a Nationals vs. Pirates game after a long day of work. I swear, spending a summer night at a baseball game can be very therapeutic.


The Nationals stadium beautifully lit on a Wednesday night.


Enjoying the Nationals game with Chris and Sarah.


When the weather started to get a little bit too drizzly for outdoor adventures, I went to Capitol Hill books by Eastern Market and got lost in the bookshelves for a while. Though I'm used to being around books because of my past work experience in libraries, I’ve never seen so many books pilled up in such a small space. If you’re looking for a specific book, no matter how weird it may be, I’m pretty sure it’ll be there. I found some pretty random books myself, and I never would’ve expected to find them in D.C.


My friend Madeline looking at books in the women studies section at Capitol Hill Books.


When I’m not reading books or going to baseball games, you should be able to find me working at my internship in Arlington. The time I’ve spent at my internship has been very rewarding so far, and I like to believe that I’m becoming a master video editor. Along with editing, I’ve also had the chance to meet some pretty interesting speakers during my time at Keppler. Within the past few weeks, I’ve met Ken Schmidt, the brand visionary and former communications strategist for Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and Frank Warren, creator of the Postsecret project. Frank and I talked about ice cream together, it was great.


Example of a postsecret postcard.


Frank Warren.


Suggestion of the Week


July is birthday month at TWC. If a friend of yours is celebrating a birthday, buy a cake from Whole Foods. Their food is amazing, and their cake selection is fantastic. I only wish I had Whole Foods in Canada.





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