Yes...that JUST happened

Yes...that JUST happened

My first week at my internship can be summed up as... AMAZING. I knew that working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) as a public policy associate would consist of a lot of hard work, but also provide great exposure to how a grassroots organization is run. However, the experiences that I will have through AFSP will be as beneficial as all of the work I will be doing for the duration of the summer. One work related experience in particular will definitely go on my list of the coolest things I had the privilege of doing while here in D.C.

Out of Office AssignmentOn the first week of my internship two other interns and I were given the out of office assignment of going to The National Press Club and taking notes on the launch of an anti-bullying initiative by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, called Project SEATBELT. I was excited when given this assignment because it was one that allowed us to get out of the office and it was exciting to be given this responsibility of reporting back to what was said on the first week of the job.

After making our way to The National Press Club, and consuming the much needed coffee that was provided, we sat and waited for the event to start. Looking through the names of those who were supposed to speak I had to do a double take on one name in particular. That name being Kerry Kennedy. I thought to myself..."am I seriously about to be in the same room as a Kennedy?"

That answer was...YES, yes I was about to be in the same room as a Kennedy and words could not explain how excited I was once I realized that this was actually happening. As people from other organizations started to file in and take their seats, the press conference was started by the emcee who then introduced Kerry Kennedy. As she spoke and I took notes, I knew that this was something that not everyone would be able to say they experienced -- hearing the words of Robert F. Kennedy's daughter.

Which is why when the conference was over, this moment HAD to be documented.


Approaching a KennedyAlright, now if I had walked away from this conference without actually meeting Kerry Kennedy I would NOT have forgiven myself. So, as the three of us interns networked and made our way around the room, we finally found our window of opportunity to approach Ms. Kennedy! It was much easier than I anticipated, probably because I knew that if we didn't talk to her at that moment we would miss our opportunity to do so and my shyness was overshadowed by excitement! Introducing ourselves and being able to speak with Kennedy was fantastic; she was very nice and was genuinely interested in what we had to say, which is just another great testament to the Kennedy name. To end the encounter, we were able to document this moment by taking a picture with her... that's right I said PICTURE! I was not only able to talk to Kerry Kennedy, but get a picture to prove it!


Us interns with Kerry Kennedy!

So, you see what I mean by beneficial experiences?  Better yet, let's upgrade this experience to....UNFORGETTABLE. Yes, that's better, because this was definitely something that I won't ever forget.

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