One Last Hoorah!

One Last Hoorah!

Hey Y'all!


All right everyone, I am now writing to all of you from the comfort of MY bed back in beautiful state of South Carolina. Don't think that I've forgotten about you now that I've left D.C., but I still have a couple of things to share with you about my last days that round out my TWC and D.C. summer experience.


Surely from the other bloggers you've gotten the chance to at least read once or twice about the experience that comes with going to see the Nationals baseball team play. Hopefully you aren't completely tired of the subject, because now it's time to hear from my side! :)


Waiting Until The Last MinuteI know many would think that waiting until the last minute and going to see the Nationals play on my last night in D.C. probably doesn't make a lot of sense, especially since the game didn't start until 7 p.m. However, while yes, I could have gone any time during the summer to see the Nationals play, I wanted to experience the game with someone who I knew I would enjoy the entire time with and knows way more about baseball than the majority of people I know, my dad.


Our faces can sum up how well the Phillies played that night.


I not only wanted to go to the game with my dad because of his breadth of knowledge about the game but also because it was something that he and I would share together. After not seeing each other for 10 weeks it would be a good way to just hang out and have fun before having to pack up the van and drive back to SC the next day.


Now the game itself was all right; I much prefer college baseball and my dad's allegiance is with the Atlanta Braves, so the majority of the game we just sat there and waited to see which team was going to suck more. Unfortunately, the Phillies took that title on Friday night. BUT, the interesting thing about the game was that we finally figured out the true identity of Batman -- and no, it was not Bruce Wayne.



I'm honestly not surprised.


All in all, though, the Nationals game was an experience I can check off my list as something I got to do, and what makes it better is I got to spend it with my favorite person. His visit also made the following day even more enjoyable because I got to show my dad some of my favorite places that I visited this summer.


Sharing my Favorite Places in D.C.

One of the great things that I loved about D.C. was that it is has a high population of runners in the area, so as I became more comfortable with the city I became one of those runners and would go running on Sundays from the RAF all the way to the Lincoln Memorial (and sometimes the Jefferson Memorial) and back. Along the way I discovered certain spots of solitude where I could just think, relax, and ultimately clear my head of the rush that is D.C.


So being able to share a couple of these places with my dad that Saturday after the baseball game was a nice moment.


The first spot that I stumbled upon and made a part of my weekly run was this fountain that is tucked right beside the U.S. Capitol. It was a nice moment when I showed my dad this particular spot because the reason why I liked it here so much was because it had a secret garden feel to it, and he mentioned that it reminded him of the secret garden, as well.



Always Something New to Discover!

I got to show my dad a few other places like... The Library of Congress, The U.S. Capitol, the Washington Monument, and basically every other monument in D.C. But, the great thing about D.C. is that there is always something new to experience. For instance, I wanted to take my dad to the U.S. Botanical Gardens because he has a green thumb and I knew he would enjoy seeing all of the different plants that the gardens had, but as we strolled through the rose garden and exited out the back we came across another extension of the garden that I didn't even know about. It's called Bartholdi Park, which I had never seen before and it was very beautiful; the fountain in the park was definitely a sight to see. It was nice to be able to discover this small part of D.C. because it just went to show that there is always something new to discover.


Bartholdi Park


Saying Goodbye to the Summer

As I ended my last day in D.C. it was nice to leave the way it started and give my dad a glimpse into what I got to experience for 10 weeks.


With that being said, I am glad to be home, but will forever be grateful to everyone who encouraged me to come to D.C. Being put in a completely different dynamic that was offered by TWC and D.C. not only pushed me to come out of my shell but it also enforced that I am capable of taking on tasks and challenges that I, otherwise, never would have had the opportunity to experience.


The juggling of class, civic engagement, my internship, and the fast pace of the city has giving me a greater sense of self-confidence that I have never felt before.


Reflecting back on my overall experience this summer, I feel, that anyone who has the opportunity to jump into what may seem at first to be an overwhelming experience, should take the chance and see what happens. You are capable of more than you think and will be surprised at just how much you grow on a personal, and professional, level.


Again, thank you to everyone who has given me so many opportunities this summer to develop and find out what I am capable of doing. And, of course, to all of my dedicated readers, thank you for taking this journey with me! :)


All The Best!

Lindsey Gollach

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