Johnny Depp, Cupcakes, and....

Johnny Depp, Cupcakes, and....

Alright, now there are a lot of things that I love out of life, and the three that I'll be talking about today are Johnny Depp, cupcakes, and free stuff. Which is why, when TWC's InternsROCK! event started in the second week of June, I got really excited. Before you jump to conclusions and think that I got to eat cupcakes with Johnny Depp for free, that sadly did not happen -- but how awesome would that be?!


Quick side note: When I found out that I got accepted to the TWC summer program, I immediately went to find out more about InternsROCK! because, well... I like discounts! And free stuff ... but who doesn't? AM I RIGHT? Anyway, I'll continue...


So, there were lists upon lists of places that we could go and enjoy. It was just a question of what places peaked my interest the most. By "peaked my interest," I mean gave the better discount because 50 percent off an annual membership with Zipcar is not something that I would consider a great deal -- but hey, that's just me.


What DID grab my attention though, that I just HAD to make sure I took advantage of  was the 50 percent off admission to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. This was one place that I had always found to be really interesting, especially as I heard how AMAZING and WONDERFUL and LIFE-LIKE the wax figures are. I do have to give it to Madame T, she does great work. That said, after a while, walking around staring at replicas of past and present political figures and celebrities gets boring. Not to say that the museum wasn't enjoyable, but once you've seen one wax figure, you've seen them all. I will say though that I am grateful the exhibit started with political figures and ended with celebrities, because if they had started it out with the wax figure of Johnny Depp, then ended with Teddy Roosevelt, it definitely would have been an anti-climatic finish. With that being said, I'm glad Madame Tussaud's was on the list of discounted museums because if I had paid full price instead of just paying the $11, then I would have felt ripped off.


This is probably the closest I will ever get to meeting Johnny Depp.


With Madame Tussaud's ticked off my bucket list, there was another place on the InternsROCK! list that could not be avoided even if I tried. Well, there were food establishments on the list, one of those places being a cupcake place...but not just any cupcake place. Sprinkles Cupcakes, yes, you read that correctly -- SPRINKLES CUPCAKES.


Another quick side note: for those of you who are "team Georgetown Cupcakes," which is right down the street from Sprinkles, and also where the TLC show D.C. Cupcakes is filmed, you need to re-evaluate your taste buds!  But I will say that I am going to try Georgetown Cupcakes as well... all for the purpose of research.


Alright, now back to the awesomeness that is the Sprinkles discount. Honestly, I would not have cared what the discount for Sprinkles would have been, even if it was five percent off a glass of milk when you buy one cupcake! The beauty of the Sprinkles InternsROCK! discount was that it was buy one get one free... let me repeat the most important part of that sentence... FREE! That's probably my favorite word when it comes to anything, but especially when it comes to cupcakes. The anticipation  was definitely met, and all of my expectations were exceeded. See, these cupcakes were not just cupcakes -- they were like little cakes of heaven showered in awesome and baked at 350 degrees of fantastic! Alright, so not all of that was true; I actually don't know the exact temperature at which these mini cakes of perfection were baked, but I'm sure I was pretty darn close. I would definitely recommend Sprinkles to everyone who loves cupcakes and even to those who don't eat cupcakes. GO ANYWAY, because you'll change your mind and become an addict.


The heavenly Sprinkles

The heavenly Sprinkles

My last stop of the InternsROCK! experience was definitely the best, but I'm going to hold off on talking about where that destination was, because I'm sure you're still reeling at how awesome Sprinkles sounds! Also, leaving you with a cliff hanger will help to ensure you read my next post, so be sure to do that! :)


Later, Future Sprinkles Addicts!



Before you go you have to see this video that my roommate showed me the other night; it will definitely give you an ab workout to burn off those cupcakes!



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