I Seriously Do Not Have That Much Stuff

I Seriously Do Not Have That Much Stuff

Before I jump into telling you about the excitement of moving myself into my apartment at The Washington Center (TWC), let me first introduce myself. My name is Lindsey Gollach and I am a rising senior at Coker College, and this is where I now explain to you where Coker is...it's located in a small town called Hartsville, South Carolina which is approximately 70 miles east of Columbia, South Carolina. For those of you who did not just Google the exact location of Hartsville, you get a gold star -- let's make that two because when I heard about it I had no clue.


This summer at TWC I will be a part of the Advocacy, Service, and Arts program and a member of the staff at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and OF COURSE I will have the pleasure of sharing my experiences with you lovely people through TWC's blog series, where I hope you find my posts SO amazing that you will want to read them over and over again.


STOP: I have to say, first and foremost, that I am the type of individual to rant when I talk about certain things, and since there will be A LOT going on this semester I wanted to inform you that you should probably expect random tangents and side thoughts, but don't worry we'll get back on track! Just remember that it's not about the destination so much as the journey. So, let's enjoy this trip together, shall we?


Moving In

"They're going to think I'm a hoarder and I need an intervention." This is what I tell my dad as we make our way up the elevator in the Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) at NOMA (the North of Massachusetts Avenue neighborhood) to my 4th floor apartment, which I share with three other interns. My dad laughs it off and tells me that they don't think that, but considering that we had to take approximately five trips to get all of my stuff unloaded, I thought otherwise.


With my paranoia kicked in, I quickly wanted to reassure my new roommates that I was not, in fact, a hoarder. Granted I practically fell over trying to get through all of my stuff to meet everyone, but let's not focus on that. The point of all of this is that when I tried to defend my hoarding habits I was greeted with understanding from my roommates, who I hadn't even had a chance to have a full conversation with! While I saw an A&E special in my future, they saw preparedness -- it's all about perspective, really.


Quick side note: I may have used the term hoarding loosely, but when you've been up since 6 a.m. and only had 2.5 hours of sleep you would definitely, probably, maybe, kind of thought the same thing.


Once I got all of my stuff unpacked (unfortunately my arm pillow landed in the must go back pile), I realized that I did have everything I need -- and I don't just mean materially! Yes, I do still need to go to the Giant* to get some things, but l I feel confident that I am ready for this 10-week journey in D.C. and will take advantage of every opportunity.


*For those of you who are probably thinking that by "Giant" I am referring to a gargantuan man who lives up a beanstalk and has cannibalistic tendencies, allow me to clarify. The Giant is a grocery store about two blocks from the RAF... I know, not nearly as cool as an actual giant, but unlike this fairy tale character the store has ice cream, so it evens out.


**I tried to make a joke when I first heard of "Giant" by asking if we would be able to find it because the sign was gigantic... nobody laughed, but that's all right because it's taken me 20 years to master such a high level of sarcasm. I have to remember to cut others some slack.


Well I guess this wraps up my first blog entry, I promise to keep the posts coming and provided more details and pictures, also questions or comments are always welcome because remember: if you don't ask the answer is always no.


P.S. For those of you who actually read my post all the way through and have made it to this point, I feel like I should give you something for taking the time out to do so, so...here you go! Enjoy!



During orientation the floor that I am staying on was shown this video as a way to try and teach us the "dos and don'ts" of riding the metro.

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