A few weeks ago some friends and I from work decided to make a trip to the National Zoo. We went primarily to see the pandas, because who doesn't like pandas -- am I right? So on this hot summer day we venture through the zoo and see some pretty epic animals, such as the cheetah and panda and the ever so patriotic Bald Eagle. We stayed clear of any other birds because I have a somewhat irrational fear of birds and my friends totally respected that, for which I will be eternally grateful. The only reason I decided to see the Bald Eagle was because I considered it to be my American duty to at least see it in person. Besides, it was behind an enclosure, which decreased the probability of it trying to swoop, dive, and ultimately encroach upon my personal space -- which birds are famously known for.


Cute Panda

Anyway, once we reached the section of the zoo that the pandas were in, we became very excited and spent probably a good 20 minutes repeating words like "oh, how cute" and "adorable." While I still agree that pandas are VERY cute creatures and you just want to run up to them and give them the biggest hugs ever, I have to say that nothing compares to the cuteness that is the RED panda.


Yes, pandas are pretty darn cute during their naptime.



It is the relative of the big and cuddly black and white panda, but smaller, and of course red and black. And due to its compact adorable size, it takes precedent over the normal panda, for me anyway. So, after seeing the red panda for the first time I made a comment along the lines of "Oh my goodness it's so cute, I just want to take it home with me!... I'm sure nobody would notice, right?" Little did I know that come Monday morning I would find THIS headline.


Come on, who wouldn't want to panda-nap something so cute? Not saying that I would ever do anything like that....


Rogue Red Panda

Apparently, Rusty the red panda, decided to take the night off and experience the nightlife of D.C., but the first thing that came to my mind after reading the article was 'now my friends were totally going to think I had something to do with it.' I wouldn't blame them if they thought so, because the timeline of our visit and Rusty's escape was just too coincidental. However, I quickly squashed any possible thoughts of my panda-napping Rusty, although I have to truthfully say that it crossed my mind a few times before we left the zoo that hot Saturday evening.


You also have to admit that from the picture above, his eyes are totally saying "please, take me with you", because it probably does get a little boring having to be so dang cute and adorable all day, every single day.


Well, that's about it for now, I just thought I should publicly state that I had no hand in Rusty's escape, but I'm pretty sure Rusty has a bone to pick with the girl who turned him in.


Au Revoir Mes Amis! :)

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