I think y'all have waited long enough since my last post to find out where my final InternsROCK! experience took me! You heard about the wax museum and the cupcakes but now I'll tell you about my favorite place that I visited...(drum roll please)...the NEWSEUM.


The NewseumIf you've never heard of this museum before I'll break it down for you really quick. As the name suggests, the Newseum focuses on basically every newsworthy event that has ever happened from the United States and beyond -- so you can imagine there was a lot of information compiled on the six floors of the museum.

My roommate and I made our trek to the Newseum and were already happy that we decided to go because there was a setup of newspaper articles from across the country. Headlines from every state adorned the building, including one from my home state of South Carolina. :)


South Carolina's "The State" newspaper.


On the InsideEntering the Newseum we were bombarded by so much information, and I loved it! Not only were there newspapers dating back to the 1800s, but there were interactive components of the Newseum as well! I mean, in what other museum can you go to test out your skills as a sports broadcaster?


Thank you for tuning into the Newseum Nightly News with Lindsey Gollach (That has a nice ring to it if I do say so myself, haha).

Roomie and I looking very fashionable in our 3-D glasses as we wait for the interactive 4-D movie to start.


A Possible Change of HeartI know that in my earlier blog posts I mentioned that I could live in the Hirshhorn but I think I'm wavering on that decision, especially when it comes to all of the variety of information that the Newseum has to offer.


Did I forget to mention this amazing view from the top of the sixth floor of the Newseum?



Visiting the Newseum, though, definitely left me wondering how new and developing events will be incorporated into the Newseum -- what will be slowly phased out and what will remain for years to come? I think that as time passes, it will be interesting to see how the Newseum will grow and expand, which will make visiting the Newseum an even more enlightening experience with every visit.


Until Next Time, My Loyal Readers! :)

Oh! Sorry, I'm not finished yet. I forgot to mention that it just so happened to be my 21st birthday the day I visited the Newseum, so it was definitely one to remember! I will now accept any and all happy belated birthday wishes!

Hasta Luego Mis Amigos!

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