"Do You Want To Fly?"

"Do You Want To Fly?"

The great thing about living in D.C. is that you never really know where your day is going to take you! Just when you think your day is over you realize it is really just beginning. I'm going to take you through the series of events that happened to me this past Sunday that led to me flying... yes, I said flying!


1 p.m.-3 p.m. Ice Cream Overload

The great thing about working in an office with another 20-plus interns is that they find it a top priority to take advantage of the free events that D.C. has to offer to the community. For instance, this past Friday a fellow intern sends out a link to an event called the The DC Scoop, where local ice cream vendors come out and vie for the public's vote for best ice cream. There was such a broad variety of ice cream to choose from -- 17 vendors total (can I say how proud I am that I made it through that many?... I've decided that calories don't count, by the way)! Of the nine that I powered through, the winner for me, BY FAR, was the S'mores ice cream that was made by an ice creamery called Suga Mama Sweets. While the gelatos were really good, and the coconut paleta and carrot gelato (don't deny it until you try it!) were refreshing contrasts to the decadent flavors from the vendors, there was something about the S'mores ice cream that reigned supreme above them all. Honestly, how can you beat graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow flavored ice cream?! You can't! Which is why I hope it won because being out in the heat for that long I didn't stick around long enough to see the crowning of the winner -- and can you really blame me? 95 degrees? No me gusta. But, if you are dying to know the winner I'm sure you can Google it :)


4 p.m.- 5 p.m. The Famous Chili Experience

After cooling off from being in the sun for two hours, my roommate suggests that we go and eat at Ben's Chili Bowl because that is one place where people say you HAVE to go to while you're in D.C. Of course I say yes, because who doesn't want chili cheese fries after having eaten nine different flavors of ice cream? Obviously, not me because I'm a rebel; eating ice cream BEFORE dinner and all. AGAIN, the calories don't count.

But, I have to admit the calories were totally worth it because this chili definitely lived up to the hype. I mean, if Bill Cosby, Hilary Clinton, AND Barack Obama think it's good enough to eat, then I think that proves its validity. So, YES, to add to the recommendations, visit Ben's Chili Bowl -- you won't regret it.


THE Ben's Chili Bowl


5 p.m.-6 p.m. Daring Greatly

For many, I'm sure Ben's Chili Bowl would have been the main event of the outing. However, I can say that I am fortunate enough to have a roommate who does research of places to visit while here in D.C. -- places one may not necessarily think to go, like Meridian Hill Park, a.k.a. Malcolm X Park. Now I would never have thought to visit a park while here in D.C., but I have to say I am glad that it happened because you could see how connected everyone in the community was with one another and the park itself was simply beautiful.


Meridian Hill Park


Arriving at the park there were drums playing on the upper level of the park and after investigating to see what was happening, we found a group of about 15 or so people sitting in a drum circle playing together. Seeing that was an experience all its own.


Looking around, though, I happened to notice this couple doing what looked to be couples yoga but with a more Cirque du Soleil look. Walking over to get a closer look there were multiple couples that were a part of a yoga group doing this intense variation of yoga. Standing there staring for about 5 minutes or so one of the women from the group looks over at me and asks: "do you want to fly?"


This form of yoga is called acroyoga and while those who practice yoga are considered "yogis," individuals who practice acroyoga are called, yes, "acroyogabats."

Seeing how intense these poses were, I was definitely hesitant at first ... but then I thought to myself, "why not?" I mean, what do I have to lose other than possibly being dropped by a total stranger, right? Besides, when will I get this opportunity again?


Now, I'm sure I haven't mentioned this but I've been practicing yoga on-and-off for the past year-and-a-half now, so don't think that I was going into this thing without having ever done yoga before... I'm a semi-amateur, impressive, I know.


Then, I kick off my shoes and step into the world that is acroyoga. I could tell you all about the poses, but I'll just show you the pictures instead!


Pose 1 and Transition to Pose 2

BAM! Pose 2



It doesn't stop there!

At this point, while sitting on my partner's feet she asks me if I want to do a back bend, with which I answer... OF COURSE... here you go!




Hopefully, at this point in the post you're thinking "wow that's so cool! I want to be an acroyogabat!" because after I was done with this intro I definitely wanted to continue -- not only because it is so *insert expletive here* cool, but it was such a freeing moment.


Now, I know our parents have always taught us to not talk to strangers, but in certain circumstances it can lead you to have some really enlightening moments. I'm not saying go out and talk to any and every stranger that you encounter here in D.C., (seriously don't do that), but also don't limit yourself to sticking with what you know all the time because you'll end up missing out on a lot.


With that being said I want to thank my acroyoga partner for asking me if I wanted to "fly" because it is definitely something that I will remember for a long time to come.


Also, thank you to the adorable man who spotted me and my partner because there were a couple of times where the next pose that was going to happen was "the falling intern."


What a jam packed Sunday, huh?! This is exactly what I mean about D.C., though -- you start out thinking your day will only consist of nine different flavors of ice cream, then it surprises you and ends with the blossoming love of a yoga hybrid.


It was safe to say that this good day ended up being a great day, and there are a few still a few weeks left so let's see what else I can get into before the summer's end... who knows, maybe I'll find an opportunity to go skydiving or bungee jumping... but seriously, if you know anyone who can make that happen, please let me know!


Until Next Time, Everyone!  :)

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