All Good Things

All Good Things

It's here! My final week in D.C. has finally arrived and it's a very bittersweet moment. While I cannot wait to get home and see my friends and family, it will be weird to not be around the people that I've bonded with this summer, specifically my roommates. I have to give it to TWC for randomly placing four girls in an apartment together for three months and it going surprisingly well. As a way to sort of end our time together, I decided to cook us all Sunday dinner before commencement.


The Dinner

Now, I would love to tell you that I've become a master chef since arriving in D.C. and cooking every night; this was actually the first time I legitimately cooked a meal since I've been here. I realize this is somewhat pathetic, but cooking takes a lot of time and effort and... well... ramen noodles cook faster. BUT, I did perfect making them in various ways and not just eating them with the oh, so monotonous flavor packet! Yay, progress!


I decided that I wanted to make something that I knew wouldn't be too complicated. I thought that lasagna was the best option because layering noodles, sauce and cheese cannot be that complicated, right?


Not to brag or anything, but I think that if my plans as a school counselor do not work out I could EASILY become the next food network star... look out Rachel Ray, because I could totally come up with clever acronyms, too!


All those years of watching food network finally paying off (also I have to give some credit to my dad, Mike Gollach, who is a master at making lasagna and who will never let me forget it now that I have publicly stated so to all of you).

Dinner Is Served


Also had very delicious pasta salad that my roommate, Augusta, made. Dessert is not shown, but Marvi did an excellent job at picking the cheesecake!


The final product of the roommate dinner was a fantastic success and a great way to end our last night together as roommates! Thankfully, our fourth roommate Paige made it back after a trip home to hang out before it was time for all of us to say our goodbyes to Marvi, who is from Canada, and headed home following commencement on Monday.



Commencement day was finally here! The day we had all looked toward since that first week in Washington, D.C. The major importance of the commencement ceremony, aside from acknowledging that we should all be proud of ourselves for our achievements these past 10 weeks, was to turn in a portfolio summarizing all of our new knowledge and accomplishments. Once those were submitted I'm sure everyone could feel the weight of having to complete all of the components lifted off of their shoulders -- I know I sure did! ALSO, after turning in my final portfolio to my academic program advisor, Jacob, I was given this:


I'll frame this and put it in my apartment coming fall...I'm 90 percent serious.


The commencement ceremony was a great way to finish the semester; the four students who spoke on behalf of everyone who attended TWC this summer were nothing less than exceptional. Each articulated the various feelings, struggles, and triumphs that I'm sure all of us felt during our time here. It was a bittersweet moment for sure, because even though I was ready to finish out my final week, I also did not want to say goodbye to all of the wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting along the way -- and the first of those goodbyes were happening all too quickly.


The Beginning of the End

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing for me to do. If at all possible, I try to avoid it, but unfortunately, that reality was all too real following commencement when I had to go to say goodbye to the first of my roommates. I know it will only get harder throughout the week as I finish off my last couple of days at my internship, finish my final on Thursday and say goodbye to yet another roommate, and then finally move out myself and head back to South Carolina. However, I do feel that the bonds I created with those I've worked and lived with these past 10 weeks will not so much leave me saying "goodbye" as "see you later."


The best roommates I could have spent the summer with! From left to right:

Marvi, Augusta, me, and Paige.


It is hard to believe that I am wrapping up my final days here in D.C. but there is still more to come! So, hold tight because I will be updating you in the next couple of days about some last minute things that I will be squeezing into what little time I have left here!


Talk with you very soon! :)

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