Winding Down and Turning the Big 2-0

Winding Down and Turning the Big 2-0

As early August rolled around, I felt like I was finally getting the hang of things at my internship.  I could handle projects with greater ease and confidence. But of course, just as I hit my stride, it was time to wrap things up. I could not believe the ten weeks of my internship were coming to a close. It was surreal typing an exit memo and organizing documents for the next intern, knowing that my desk would be someone else's in a just few days. Wrapping things up gave me an appreciation for my small office and wonderful staff.


Not only did I have to finish things up at work, I had to complete and compile my final portfolio for my Political Leadership track. Although I had submitted elements of the portfolio throughout the semester, going back and reviewing them revealed how much I had learned during my summer. Corrections on my resume from June seemed like common knowledge after a summer learning to understand what employers want to see from a prospective employee. I will not lie, it was a lot of work to complete, but once I was done I had a more developed sense of how all of my experiences complimented and enriched each other.


The final product!

In the middle of the final week craziness, I still managed to finish everything in time to celebrate my 20th birthday stress-free. Not much really happens when you turn 20, besides losing the ability to blame bad days on teen angst, but it was a great excuse to spend the day with all the people who had made my summer in D.C. so memorable.  I ended the day at Bayou in Foggy Bottom with a friend from Tulane, where we were able to get a little taste of our other home with authentic Louisiana-style Po'Boys. Although I will miss D.C., it was a nice taste of the Crescent City and the fall semester ahead.

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