Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Another week, another summit: you were warned. Over two Fridays a week apart, I attended the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) 360 Summit. This summit focused mainly on professional skills development, gearing the discussion towards women interested in living and working in Washington D.C. Louisa Terrell, the keynote speaker and the director of US Public Policy at Facebook, discussed the lessons she's learned from her time as a lawyer to working on Joe Biden's staff in the Senate.  It was another two days of invaluable career advice, the majority of which I'm glad I jotted down. Just like with the Running Start summit, I was able to use the skills I gained at The Washington Center to get more out of my experience.


As a part of the Political Leadership Program at The Washington Center, we attended a talk at The American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Carla Bowman, a member of the prolific think-tank and a columnist for Forbes, discussed polling and the trends she has observed in our generation. We learned that our country is the most pessimistic it has been in a long time and our generation is generally skeptical of the government and the institution of marriage. Later that day we went to a panel on public policy and lobbying.


The speakers debunked common myths about lobbying and lobbyists, pointing out that it is a constitutionally protected right and virtually every cause has some sort of lobbying interest.  It was interesting to hear a different side of an often-contested profession.


My dad was in town this past weekend for work and on Friday night we went to a baseball game at National's Park. Growing up as a Chicago Cubs fan, you really learn to appreciate the experience of going to a ballpark no matter what's happening on the field (participating in the self-aware 115 year-old running joke that the Cubs are terrible is basically second nature at this point). Lucky for us, we actually got a side of good baseball, with Ryan Zimmerman mashing a game-winning home run against the New York Mets in the bottom of the ninth.  Summer never feels complete to me without going to a baseball game, so I'm happy I finally made it out there.


Play ball!


On Saturday we strolled through Eastern Market, taking full advantage of all the free samples the vendors had to offer. We just barely missed getting to sit in the audience for a talk at the Newseum with Mark Leibovich of the New York Times--punctuality counts folks--but it turned out to be not such a bad thing. The museum's extensive collection of headlines from the past hundred years and their current exhibit on John F. Kennedy are fascinating and will keep you there for hours on end. Of course, as with any time a parent is in town for a visit, food was involved… lots and lots of food.  I could ramble off a list of delicious meals, but I'll just say that the National Gallery of Art's basement cafeteria has some pretty excellent green tea gelato.




Well, I just wrapped up one of the busiest weeks of this summer, both in my personal and professional life. This is hardly a complaint... in fact, it's the polar opposite.  I may have mentioned this previously, but I'm definitely happiest when I'm busiest.  It's now or never to do everything I've been meaning to do the whole summer.

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