Under the D.C. Sun

Under the D.C. Sun

Finally, there it was last week. All of a sudden we had spring weather, and then, all of a sudden summer weather. It was a great week weather-wise.

Everyone was so incredibly happy last week because of the sun, and so was I. On Tuesday, we went for sushi at Union Station and it was delicious. What's better than to eat sushi and have a cold soda on a hot evening? Afterward, we took a short walk to the National Mall, which has become one of our favorite places to hang out. Sit at one of the monuments, or lay in the grass and enjoy the sun. We walked around and took some pictures of D.C. at night.


Little nap during my lunch break.



Wednesday my boss gave me permission to work from home so I could enjoy the sun, too. I decided to go and sit at the park in front of the Capitol. It was gorgeous outside, and I actually got a lot of work done. A couple of smoothies later (and a frozen yogurt and a dozen cookies) I decided to enjoy the sun and lay down. If I had known there was a big immigration rally going on the other side of the Capitol I would have left everything behind and joined them. I love to protest for a good cause.


My office for the day.


On Thursday after work I did the same thing, go and lay in the grass and enjoy the sun as much as possible, because you never know when it's going to end. But with nice weather comes rain, a lot of rain. Friday morning I left gorgeous weather in D.C., and arrived in Alexandria in the pouring rain. I was literally soaked. COMPLETELY SOAKED. I had to dry myself for an hour under the hand dryers in the bathroom (yeah, that happened). I didn't only feel like an idiot that day, I was an absolute idiot that day (always check the weather forecast before you leave). Luckily, we did some awesome stuff too that day. We attended a baseball game, my first one ever -- the Washington Nationals against the Atlanta Braves. When entering the baseball stadium it reminded me so much of the Quidditch matches in Harry Potter (I am such a dork). I was surprised that barely anyone stayed in their seats during the whole game. People get food, come back, go away, come back and so on and on. Although the atmosphere was great, I still think baseball is a bit boring. It's basically a whole lot of waiting for someone to knock a ball. But the garlic fries I had there were amazing; seriously the best thing I ever had. And with a little party at Cafe Citron (don't go there) we ended what was a gorgeous day with a donut (I hope it was good, Charlotte).


Nationals' Game.


Saturday morning. 7:30 a.m., wake up call. We had to get ready to leave to Wheaton, Maryland where we had one of our required volunteer projects. We had to clean up a dog park and create a better environment for the dogs and their owners to enjoy the outside world. We cleaned some parts of the park and planted some new trees. Once back at the RAF, I undertook a solo adventure and walked from the RAF to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and eventually to the Jefferson Memorial and back. It was incredible and there were a lot of people. Everyone was talking pictures with the cherry blossoms, and I even witnessed a marriage proposal. It was a great relaxing walk with my music and my camera. This adventure was perfect to prepare myself for a heck of a party at Josephine's with a bunch of people from The Washington Center. It was lovely, and after McDonald's and pizza it was time to fall asleep.


Obviously, I am working hard.


Lincoln Memorial.


Washington Monument reflected on the mall.


Jefferson Memorial


It was an exhausting week, so we used our Sunday to relax and get some of our homework done.

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