TWC: Likes and Dislikes

TWC: Likes and Dislikes

First of all, I am literally the worst blogger in the world, and I want to apologize for that. The program is quickly coming to an end, and I'll keep you, regularly, updated about the epicness of our last weeks here in this city, and for me, in this country.

So far, my experience here at the TWC has been great and I wish I could stay here for at least a couple more months.

LikesEverything at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is so well organized. We already received the schedule of all the important events, such as programming, excursions, and more before we even arrived here in D.C. That's such a big difference from what I am used to with my home institution. Therefore, you never need to stress the night before because you have no idea where to go, because here you actually do know where to go.

TWC really cares about the cultural and social experiences of its students, too. They organize a lot of cool events, for example the International Festival and the monument tour. People told me that the excursion to Great Falls National Park in Virginia was amazing; sadly I couldn't attend this event because I had class and I really regret it. There's only one piece of advice I can give you while being here in D.C., or life in general: regret the things you did, not the things you didn't do!

I love the housing at the RAF (Residential and Academic Facility), too. It is very fancy and convenient. And it's only a fairly short metro ride from downtown D.C. The rooms are cool and relaxing and the facility has a lounge where you can chill or get some work done. The fitness center is a great place to get your body back in shape (after all the burgers, burritos and other unhealthy stuff). And everything you need is close to the RAF: Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, Harris Teeter, and soon a Giant as well.

The ambiance at the RAF is amazing. There's always something going on…somewhere…in some room. You'll barely experience a boring night here at the RAF. There's always someplace to chill, party, watch TV, play a game. I'll definitely miss knowing there's always something to do when I leave the RAF and go back home.

Moreover, the staff here at the RAF is always friendly and they are always prepared to help you.

DislikesAlthough, I've been having a great time here, I get annoyed by some things about TWC, too.

One of them is the internet connection. Don't expect the internet to be fast between 8 p.m. and midnight or you'll live a very frustrated life. Trying to watch a movie on Netflix at night can be a pain because of the constant buffering; even a YouTube video can be really annoying between 8 p.m. and midnight. Although, they've been working on the internet a couple of times now, I still haven't noticed an improvement. But at least they are working on it.

Another point that needs improving is the heat in the fitness room. It can get really hot in there, too hot to be healthy for working out. I sincerely hope they will look into this problem and adjust the heating. Sometimes the temperature is okay to work out in, but sometimes it is just unbearable.

But what probably annoys me most are some of the rules here at the RAF (but seriously, there's no one who actually likes rules...), especially the 12-person rule, restricting the amount of people in a room at 12. 12 people is just not enough. There are never enough people when you are having fun. Basically, I don't see the point of this rule. If they want to limit noise, then that's not the way to deal with it. I often make more noise on my own than a room full of 12 people would ever make. If we want to be loud, we will, no matter how many people there are. I seriously feel for the alumni that lived here when there was still an eight-person rule. Eight? Really?

Sometimes, this program is a lot of work too. Combining a 30+ hour internship with seminars, classes, programming and a civic engagement project is not always easy and can be overwhelming sometimes. But have you ever heard someone complain they had too little work? Exactly!

Yet, there's no way I regret my choice to come to D.C. I am having the time of my life and consider this to be one of the best decisions I've ever made!


This week you can expect another blog from me about the gorgeous weather D.C. has been treating us with this past week. Expect a blog, and a lot of pictures, about my civic engagement project and my first ever baseball game too. I have a lot to share, but yet so much more to experience.

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