Saying Goodbye: Part 1

Saying Goodbye: Part 1

On Friday I said goodbye to my fellow intern at my internship site, The Alexandria Commission for the Arts. I have been working with Celina, a Korean girl, for a couple of months and we had a wonderful time. The first goodbye, one of many to come, one too many.

Our ExperienceAlthough we both had our separate projects, we worked on many of them semi-together. We held our own brainstorming sessions, had our own meetings outside in the sun, etc. It was great to have a fellow intern to exchange experiences with, to share the good and the bad. To take some time off, and to grab your lunch with away from the office.



A Regular WeekDuring a regular week we only got to see each other for three days. On Mondays I was home for classes and programming and on Friday she had her day off. We worked together, took breaks together, ate our millionth Subway sandwich together, and our millionth Dunkin' Donuts donut together. We basically got fat together.

On Thursdays we had our 'fancy' (student-style fancy) meals outside in Old Town Alexandria, where we had an amazing array of options for grabbing a bite. Whether it was Thai, Lebanese, sushi, Italian or something else, we always had a great time. I love my internship for giving us as much time to have lunch on Thursdays as we needed. As our lunches were a great time to get to know each other better, and exchange information about our different cultures, and our lives.



Our Last DayMy super chill supervisor at work told me to go explore the city of Alexandria for our last day as fellow interns. So that's what we did. We slept in a little that day and started exploring. We were so lucky with the weather -- it was a gorgeous day out in Alexandria.

We started off with walking through Old Town, which is just gorgeous. It's definitely worth a visit for a day, or an afternoon. We grabbed our lunch at Columbia Fireplace, where I got the Firehouse Angus Burger with fries and a side of mashed potatoes (I know, that's a lot of potatoes). It was delicious, one of the best meals I got here in the States. It's definitely worth a visit!



After this gorgeous meal, we arrived at City Hall where there was a little event going on with music. We decided to stay for a bit and enjoy the sun while listening to the music. Afterwards we continued our walk through Old Town and arrived at the waterfront, which is gorgeous as well. It's a really cool place to sit down on a bench and again enjoy the sun (yeah, we did a lot of sitting and talking that day). Then, we continued and walked along the waterline. Then we walked back and bought ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. Well, we actually got it for free. We had a coupon for a free upgrade to a waffle cone, but the cashier couldn't calculate the value that was left so we got it for free. SCORE!



And then, the time had come. Time to say goodbye. We promised to keep in touch, gave each other a hug and continued on our own way.

I am grateful for having Celina as a fellow intern; we had some great times and laughs together and some cultural difficulties that made it all even funnier. My experience would have never been the same without having a fellow intern. So if you can take an internship with multiple interns to work closely with, then do it! It's an experience you'll never forget, and hopefully will never regret.

Sadly, this was only the first goodbye I had to say, many more are coming, and it'll be so hard. I've had the pleasure to meet so many amazing people. I love them and I will miss them greatly. Saying goodbye will be hard… The world is small, yet it is so big!

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