The Last of Everything - Saying Goodbye: Part 2

The Last of Everything - Saying Goodbye: Part 2

The last week means the last of everything. This is a perfect week to reflect on my time here in D.C. It's been the time of my life. An experience I will treasure forever, and one that shifted my life in every single possible way. I am happier than ever, and I am on top of the world.

Last Day of the InternshipThe last day at my internship is sad, exciting and frightening. Sad because, you have to say goodbye to everyone you've been working with for months. Exciting because I got free pizza, drinks and a lot of compliments. Frightening because I had to get a lot of work done before I could finish and go home. Deadlines, they are the worst. More frightening because new, unexpected, adventures are waiting, life changes will be made, and an unknown future is ahead.

Then, finally finished, while being happy about completing projects, you start cleaning your desk and start thinking of all the happy, sad, excited, angry, scared times at that desk. It's really over now.


My office.


Last WeekendThen, the last weekend kicks in, even worse. Anxiety is taking over, so little time, so much to do! We had to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the awesome Mexicans at Eden, a local restuaurant. We had so much fun, so much fun.


Then, waking up late on Saturday morning (it was not morning anymore), going to Union Station for the most unhealthy breakfast/lunch ever, exploring the new Giant supermarket near the RAF, freaking out because you still have to do so much work on your portfolio, preparing for the next celebration, and then celebrating again.

Josephine's it was. Another Cinco de Mayo party and one of the best parties we ever had at Josephine's. Going home, eating Frozen Yogurt, eating cupcakes, doing as many unhealthy things as possible (don't ask me how many pizza's I have baked in 3 months, because you don't want to know). Sleeping in (again, I know, I am guilty of sleeping in too much), freaking out because your portfolio is still not done at all, finishing it past midnight, sending it to FedEx, going to the Giant and buying the most random stuff ever (I don't need a cup in the shape of a green dinosaur, but I have one), eating random stuff, chilling and being sad because the end is almost near, and having some more fun.

On Monday morning when your alarm clock beeps you are so mad at yourself for not getting your portfolio printed earlier, then experience instant happiness when your friends are going to get it for you (THANK YOU!).

Last Monday ProgrammingMonday at noon, presenting your portfolio to your advisor, having a last talk with my advisor (thank you for your help, great programming and support Kathleen!), and then going to commencement. Seeing the Blinken Auditorium fill up one last time is so sad, as is hearing the speeches. The commencement video is just [so sad]… thank God for the cake to cheer everyone up, and for the photographer and photobooth to register this experience and to create memories.

Last ClassLast class -- rain. Just perfect! This last class meant watching a couple of presentations, discussing ethics in journalism for one last time, playing a little game and thanking our professor for the good instruction.


In class.


It's been a good class. It was really interesting to learn more about ethics in journalism, how these ethics apply to other professions, and how journalists are portrayed in movies. Our class was actually pretty chill, we had many discussions, watched movies, analyzed them and then we had to write a reflective paper about our observations from each.

There are too many "lasts." And there are so many more to come this week. I just said goodbye to one of my roommates and wished him the best in achieving his goals. I am certain that he'll be able to overcome any trouble and get to the top. The sky is the limit.

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