Family Filled Fun

Family Filled Fun

One of the best parts about living in a big city for a semester is that people like to come visit you and see the sights! ... or your younger cousin who lives twenty minutes outside the city gets bat mitzvahed, and your family decides that they might as well do some D.C. touring while they're in the area for the weekend. You like to think that they would have come visit anyway.


This past weekend, my cousin Rachel who lives just outside D.C. in Virginia had her bat mitzvah, and my parents, sisters, and extended family came to town for the big event. My older sister Jordan took a couple of extra days off work to come visit me before our parents got here. Taking advantage of the budding spring weather, we took a walk around the Tidal Basin and visited the Martin Luther King Jr, Franklin Delano Roosevelet, and Thomas Jefferson memorials. We walked all the way there from my apartment at the RAF and toured the National Mall a little bit as well--a total of 5.5 miles. Even though the cherry blossoms hadn't quite bloomed yet, we still had a wonderful time in the spring weather and enjoyed the many facebook-likes we got of our pictures afterward (Jordan and I are a pretty high-profile sister pair).


Jordan and I across the basin from the Jefferson Memorial.


The cherry blossoms are almost there!


Jordan is a proud AmeriCorps member.


Visiting the memorials was meaningful for a number of reasons. I'd seen Jefferson's when I was about 6, but after spending the past two months deciphering TJ's personal correspondences, I felt much more connected to the impact he had on our country, and I was excited to visit his memorial again. The only thing I remembered about FDR's, which I'd seen in late elementary school, was the statue of his dog. This time, I was very interested in reading the quotes set up throughout the memorial and recognizing how the memorial is organized to reflect America suffering through the Great Depression and World War II. The MLK memorial just opened, and although I wasn't a huge fan of the statue of him (he looks a little angry, which isn't very true to King's character...) I still enjoyed reading the quotes around the memorial.


Saturday was the big event--Rachel's bat mitzvah! Rachel did a beautiful job at the ceremony and was very poised thoughout the weekend's festivities. Although watching her celebrate this occasion made Jordan and I feel very, very old as the big cousins, I still had a lot of fun seeing and dancing with my cousins, both big and small, and eating, and eating, and eating.


On Sunday, before my parents left, I took them for a quick tour around the outside of the Captiol building, the Library of Congress, and the VFW building where I work. These were all places that I'd seen before, but it was still very exciting for me to get to offer up a few fun facts about the Capitol that I've learned in my internship and to point out the Starbucks only a few blocks a way that I visit during lunchtime.


Between my family's visit and my long weekend at home for Passover at the end of March, the past few weeks have felt (almost) like a spring break. But, tomorrow it's back to work again, with no more visits or planned excursions for the rest of the semester. Hopefully, with the weather finally turned spring-time, I can find a few more opportunities for adventures in the sun.

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