Cheese Me

Cheese Me

Now, I know a lot of my loyal readers (Aunt Lisa) have been pretty worried about me since my Harris Teeter post back in February. Has Leah been grocery shopping? Has Leah been cooking? Has Leah been eating? Has Leah continued to abuse cucumbers, nature's most delicious vegetable, by buying them and them not eating them fast enough, so that they grow white and mushy and sprout fuzz?


I am happy to inform you all that, yes, I have almost fully adjusted to life sans meal-plan cooking--shopping and eating regularly, healthily, economically, and somewhat cheese-heavily. After my initial Harris T. freak-out, I started grocery shopping on a much more regular basis, trying to plan out meals for the week (or at least, for the next several days) ahead of time to minimize trips. Then I turned into a real person and realized that thinking that far ahead was just a little too much work. Instead, I get my cold cuts, bread, milk, yogurt, fruit, eggs, cookies, and other necessities when I run-out, and spend parts of my lunch break at work searching the web for recipes. When I don't have any leftovers and I'm not going over to Justin's house for dinner, I go visit Harris T. after work to pick up what I need for dinner that night. All in all, pretty standard.


The past few months, I've been taking pictures of some of my finer meals to share with you all. I only started about halfway through February, so the historic chicken and grape pilaf which semi-melted the $2 spatula and prompted the purchase of a non-stick skillet is not pictured.



This is a chickpea and tomato curry, which I've made several times. I found the recipe online and it was really simple to make--the only problem was that the second time I made it, I cut off a part of the same piece of fresh ginger I'd used the first time. Turns out that ginger, like cucumbers, will sprout fuzz after a set amount of time not eaten.



Turkey tortilla casserole, which I'd made before with my mom. Minus the extra half-cup of cheese that Justin poured on top, it's a Weight Watchers recipe!



Cod with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and orange peppers with a sweet potato on the side. Didn't photograph well but absolutely delicious; also definitely one of my more healthful endeavors. Also a lesson in the time it takes to bake a sweet potato: more than half an hour.



Not exactly advanced cooking, but the last piece of bread that I was saving for toast on the morning before Passover went moldy, so I broke out the matzah twelve hours early. Peanut butter, honey, and bananas on matzah is...almost as good as peanut butter, honey, and bananas on toast.



This one was entirely Kelsey's, but everyone loves eggplant parm!



Justin and I invented this dish on our own: bow-tie pasta with broccoli, chicken, tomatoes, basil, mushrooms and parmesan. Not so revolutionary, but very good, especially with garlic bread on the side.



It's funny; you don't realize how many of your meals are coated with melted cheese until you look at a stream of pictures in a row. Tonight's dinner was Annie's mac and cheese, because sometimes cooking just gets a little old. But I put mushrooms and peas in it, so that makes it healthy, right?

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