You Had How Many!?

You Had How Many!?

Only three! Well, four if you count the last one as two considering how big it is... no worries, ladies and gents, I'm talking about cupcakes! Well, in that case you might want to worry because I probably ate my whole weekend's worth of calories in one afternoon. And I shamelessly didn't work out at all that day! Last Saturday my little sister, Erin, and dear friend, Sarah, came to visit me here in Washington, D.C. With all of the infamously good cupcake places around, we decided to do a cupcake tour!


Stop 1: Georgetown Cupcakes in Bethesda

And when I say Stop 1, I mean that was INTENDED to be Stop 1. We may have stopped at Vapiano - an Italian style restaurant with the city's best pasta and pizza - first. My roommate Katie Mount raves about the food there and we had a roommate lunch at the Vapiano in Chinatown two weekends ago. So this past weekend when my sister, friend, and I got off the metro at Bethesda and saw a Vapiano, I told them it was a must. We were all hungry so we stopped for lunch! And boy was it a good lunch!


My sister, Erin

Just to give you an idea of her quirky and awesome personality, this is my sister Erin!


Then we made our way to Georgetown Cupcakes. Sidenote: don't travel to one of TV's most famous bakeries the day before Easter. What were we thinking?! Luckily, we got there when the line wasn't too long and only waited about 30 minutes.


If you remember, I've blogged about Georgetown Cupcakes before. However, last time I had them delivered. It was fun to get to see what the shop looked like and how it is operated. I'll tell you: they run a tight ship there! No wonder they get business done fast!


Inside the Bethesda Georgetown Cupcakes

Inside Georgetown Cupcakes... so pretty and pink!


Full from Vapiano, we decided to take our cupcakes to go. On to the next one!


Stop 2: Hello Cupcake

The next stop on our tour came highly recommended by Google and Yelp. Yea... we had never heard of it. But with 5 stars on Yelp, we figured it was a good choice! We made our way to DuPont circle, where Hello Cupcake was located right off the metro exit. At first, I was thinking the best part was that there was NO LINE. Whatsoever. We went in and the placed smelled deliciously sweet. We walked right up to the counter and - after some tough deliberation - decided on one cupcake each.


So many good cupcakes at Hello Cupcake

After much deliberation, I chose the Raspberry Beret - the pink frosted cupcake right there on the end. Good choice!


These cupcakes were phenomenal! I couldn't help but think, "How are there not more people here!?" Plus, Hello Cupcake had a cute little seating area outside so we could sit in the sun to enjoy our cupcakes. My little sister went back in for a second to bring home. Then we decided to venture to Stop 3!


Stop 3: [Not So Cupcake-y But Fun Anyway!] The Mall

Sarah wanted to see the Hope Diamond, so we figured we'd take a break from eating to check out the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. However, when we got off the metro at the Smithsonian stop and exited in the middle of The National Mall, we were beyond surprised. The number of people! I had NO idea there was a kite festival going on, but I'm so glad we came out in the middle of it! My mind was blown at the number of people there and the number of kites in the sky. It made for a pretty awesome scene with the Capitol in the background.


Chilling at the kite festival!

I conned a stranger into maneuvering my fancy camera to snap a picture of us - Erin (left), me (center), and Sarah (right).


Kite festival at The National Mall

In awe at the number of kites at the festival!


We then walked around to see if any of the cherry blossoms were blooming... major WOMP! Not one. I was sad Erin and Sarah didn't get to see the famous cherry blossoms! We did, however, sit by a tree and dig in to our Georgetown Cupcakes... no disappointment here!


Georgetown Cupcakes!

Sarah and Erin trying Georgetown Cupcakes for the first time!


Stop 4: The Final, Crumbs

Our fourth and final destination was Crumbs in Union Station. I love Crumbs... probably my favorite cupcake place in D.C. Yes... I have a favorite cupcake place... fat kid at heart right here! We picked up some Crumbs and walked back the RAF where I proceeded to eat my third and final cupcake. I know they're huge, so I shared it! I even gave some to Anthony - my Monmouth friend - to try. After hanging out for a little while longer, Erin and Sarah headed out, making their final metro ride of the trip up to Greenbelt where they were parked to drive home.


I was glad I got to see my sister and Sarah, and super glad I got to share my D.C. life with them! It was a memorable day for me to have and I'm glad it was with them!

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