Jersey Spring's Got Nothing on D.C.

Jersey Spring's Got Nothing on D.C.

I won't lie, I've never been the biggest fan of spring; the warm, humid days that make me icky on my way to work, the pollen that literally collects on every surface throughout the whole season, and the bugs that come out of hiding (ew, forecasts for cicadas this year...I don't even want to go there!). I'm a December baby, so I've always been more about the fall and winter weather. But, I had never experienced spring in D.C. While those things that make me dislike spring still exist in D.C., the beauty of this city far outweighs the negatives.


It's All About the Cherry Blossoms

For weeks leading up to the start of spring, we kept hearing, "Wait for the cherry blossoms," and, "You HAVE to see the cherry blossoms!" Everyone we knew who had ever been to the city made sure we knew that cherry blossoms were the main attraction of spring here in D.C. Once the warm weather hit, we were quick to find that out for ourselves. We soon learned that there were a whole slew of cherry blossom activities, and we wanted to make sure we took advantage of them! While frost and a few random delayed winter days put off the blossoms by more than a week, D.C. seemed like a whole new place once they bloomed! Not only is the physical environment transformed with the pretty pink blossoms cast in sharp contrast to the gray and tan stone of the many old fashioned buildings, but the people of D.C. seem more cheerful and happy, and you can certainly tell that the age old expression "spring is in the air" rings true!


Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin overlooking the Jefferson Memorial.


My boss at Genocide Watch, Dr. Stanton, has lived in the area for quite some time now and wanted to make sure that we interns got to see the blossoms, and spend plenty of time taking pictures. Last week, he gave us Thursday afternoon off to do so. It was supposed to rain Thursday night into Friday, so he sent us on our way to see the blossoms before they were washed away. It's crazy to think how fleeting the beauty of the blossoms wait so long for them to appear, they are alive for a week - maybe more - and then they are gone! I took advantage of that afternoon and snapped a number of pictures.


Genocide Watch interns at the Tidal Basin

Two of my fellow interns and I ventured to the Tidal Basin...

From left: Me, Fernanda, and Donga


Jersey Takes on Georgetown

This past weekend, a few of Miriam's and my friends came to visit us and live it up in D.C. Boy what a weekend! As it stands, we already have nine Monmouth University (MU) students studying at The Washington Center, one MU alum at George Washington University Law School, and five MU alums - all of whom have gone through The Washington Center semester program - living and working in D.C. The three friends that we had visiting were all MU alums, and we were all a tight-knit Poli Sci was bound to be a great weekend!


The gang galavanting at Georgetown

The gang gallivanting in Georgetown! From left: Parker, Alli (TWC alum), Tyler (TWC alum), Aracelis, Miriam (current TWC student), me - Kate, Brandon (TWC alum), and Tamari (TWC alum). Thanks to Brandon Karkovice for the photo!


My friends arrived on Friday and we wasted no time showing them the city! Tyler used to live in the RAF, so it was nostalgic for him. But Parker and Areacelis weren't used to the "going out" life in the city, so we had to be sure to show them a good time. We got a nice dinner in the Dupont area at a Mexican restaurant called Lauriol Plaza...I HIGHLY recommend it! I had pretty much the best and classiest burrito ever, soooo yea...definitely worth the wait in line for that place! After dinner, we all hung out at Brandon's before going out. We ended the night at Nellie's with no shortage of dancing and good times!


Saturday morning, we started the day with brunch at Sign of the Whale. For $10 bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys and the best breakfast food I think I've ever eaten, it was worth the early trip out to Dupont. I had "The Elvis", which is French toast filled with peanut butter and jelly and fresh bananas, topped with whipped cream. I KNOW. Perfect remedy after a LONG night. After brunch, we headed out just to walk, and Jersey took on Georgetown.


What I liked most about this gorgeous spring day was the awesome photo ops! Brandon and I are photographers at heart and were so psyched to take our cameras out. It was the first time in D.C. (other than Thursday with the blossoms) that I got to really take my camera out just to take pictures - no stress and no purpose. I LOVE those days! It didn't hurt that Georgetown was just such a cute area - super fun, quaint, and full of life. And, it was great to be out and about with such great friends on top of that!


Flowers near George Washington University

Found these gems by George Washington University!


Brandon and I at the waterfront at Georgetown

Brandon and I at the Georgetown waterfront with the Kennedy Center as our backdrop.


Overall, a good weekend! Actually - a good week. Despite my sneezes, itchy eyes, and icky walks to and from the Metro, I think I like spring time here. Having weeks like the one I just had and experiencing D.C. in a whole new season is making it harder and harder to be leaving the city in May!

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