When Family Comes to Town

When Family Comes to Town

I had the honor of hosting guests for another weekend. This time, my brother and his girlfriend made the drive from their house in Florida. It's been nearly a full year since I've last seen them, and it was a terrific opportunity to catch up over drinks in Washington, D.C. They proved to be resilient, even when we made ourselves walk nearly the entire length of D.C. I wish I had taken more time off work to spend with my brother, but we made the best out of the time we had. At least I got to sample many restaurants and museums that I've never been to.


Being Tour Guide (Again)

The weekend actually started on Thursday night. My brother took a few days off work and had to be back to Florida by Monday. He arrived at my apartment late that night, and it took a while to get settled. After a bit of unpacking, we made our way to the National Mall to sight see at night. I had never seen the National Mall at that time of day and it was beautiful seeing the monuments and buildings covered in light. It felt like I was exploring the place for the first time.


We walked to the Capitol Building from my apartment, and then to the Lincoln Memorial. To those of you unfamiliar with D.C., that is a two-and-a-half mile walk between the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial. The other sites were wonderfully glowing in the darkness, and there was hardly anyone else who was sightseeing. My brother happens to be a history major, so he really enjoyed seeing all the memorials of people he truly admired. His reaction when we finally got to the Lincoln Memorial was priceless. Lincoln was one of his favorite presidents, so he was excited when we finally got to the steps of the monument. After a long walk back to the apartment, we collapsed after only a few minutes. The following day at work, I was completely exhausted.


After climbing the steps, we decided to take a picture of ourselves.


The following day, I left work and met them near the National Mall. We decided to take it easy and just grab a bite to eat. There was a Spanish restaurant in Chinatown where we ate expensive food. Since the food was pricey, we left the restaurant and headed to a bar near Union Station. We gorged ourselves on good bar food and had a few drinks to catch up. It was a shame I had to work all day or else we might have been able to see more. The lack of sleep was also beginning to show when I was practically falling asleep on the walk back to the apartment.


After a good night's sleep, we got breakfast in Chinatown and headed to the Crime and Punishment Museum. My brother's girlfriend is very interested in that sort of thing, so it was nice to see her enjoy herself. The museum was full of the history of criminals and the various techniques to catch and subdue them. There's a little something for everyone in this city.


We spent some time at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and took pictures with the presidents and celebrities. I usually don't do that sort of thing, but it was too irresistible not to get a picture with Winston Churchill. It was interesting how it felt like there was a room full of people in several places, and then I realized that I was the only person in the room. The tickets were a little expensive, but those types of museums should be visited at least once while you're in D.C. 


Churchill is listening intently to what I have to say.


The pizzeria we stopped at after we left Madame Tussaud's Museum was also great. By the time we finally got our pizza, we were extremely hungry after all the walking we did. We finished quickly and headed to Arlington National Cemetery. After walking around the memorials throughout the cemetery, we decided to see the Iwo Jima Memorial. I was surprised at how large the statues were, and the walk turned out to be pretty. By that time, however, our legs were starting to give way since we had walked so much already.


My brother and his girlfriend left later that night. Spending time in D.C. and pushing the limits to how far a human can walk was a great way to catch up. It was also a great way to begin the process of saying goodbye to D.C. Even though there is still some time left, I'm starting to feel the commencement date creeping up on us. There's still so much to do and see, I'm definitely going to go out and sightsee as much as possible in the limited time I have left.

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