Celebrating 21 Years

Celebrating 21 Years

My twenty-first birthday happened to fall during the sixth week of the program. This allowed me to sample some of the nightlife and explore more of the city. Even though I was far away from home, my friends and family all sent packages and wished me well. It was also a chance to celebrate with some of the new friends I've made since I arrived. Before everyone pictures me as a sorry mess gripping the side of the toilet, let me assure you that my new friends are not that cruel!


A Birthday in D.C.

On Wednesday, I arrived back home to find a package waiting for me, and it was from my family back home. I sat on my bed and opened the package. After fighting through all the confetti and glitter, I managed to pull out a new electric razor, some candy, and an entire cake (picture below). I called my parents and thanked them for the gifts, and we managed to set up a Skype chat for a little while. Connecting with family was important for me considering I share a birthday with my sister. Yes, I have a twin sister who I've celebrated every birthday with. This year was the exception, so we had to settle for good tidings over the phone.


(This is the cake my mother sent me. Some assembly required.)


On Thursday, I got back from class and had a few drinks with friends. We just relaxed at the apartments and discussed life. It was nice to hang out after class with some other students. When the weekend arrived, my roommate and I went to the club with some friends. It was a fun night, and the place was great. I kept running into other Washington Center students, which was surprising considering the size of the city. I have been told that D.C. is a "small" city because word travels fast, and people tend to hang out in similar areas. You can always find fellow students in museums, on the National Mall, or somewhere around town.


The following day, we decided to bake the cake and have authentic Mexican tacos for breakfast. Even though it was closer to the afternoon when we finally started cooking, we made a mighty-fine meal. I baked the cake, while everyone else made the tacos. We listened to music and I attempted to salsa dance. I'll spare you the details, but I have no coordination when it comes to dancing.


(I can't thank my new friends enough for this awesome surprise)


The weeks tend to be jammed packed with activities as well. The International Festival was a surprisingly huge event. I went to the festival to simply sample some foods and ended up staying to watch the talent shows, entertainment, and hanging out with friends. I highly recommend attending programs like this while at the Washington Center. It was an awesome party with great people.


Celebrating my birthday with new friends was very enjoyable. Even though we students at the Washington Center are from all over the world, everyone is really friendly and welcoming. As cliche as it sounds, I feel like the students here are close because we're all sharing this common experience. This is certainly the place to meet people from all walks of life.

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