Reflection Pool

Reflection Pool

About 3 months ago, students entered the Washington Center from different places; some from around the country and others from around the world. We all had our own perceptions of what this experience would be like -- what we would learn -- who we would meet -- and, most importantly, where it would lead us. I think it is fair to say that all of our experiences here have been unique. Transformational? Yes. At times challenging? Of course. But I think all the TWC interns can agree on one thing... We're going to look back on these last few months as a time that we grew and became better versions of ourselves.



I must say, being in a new city wasn't easy. It was extremely uncomfortable. For months beforehand I fretted about how I was going to survive without the support of my family, friends, and my university. Yet, I found that when someone wasn't there to hold my hand, I was quick to stand on my own two feet. I learned that life is about taking risks, and it's necessary to feel out of your comfort zone in order to progress as an individual. From learning to navigate the metro to attending networking events and meeting new people, this was a significant change in lifestyle for me. I started feeling a lot more comfortable with change and uncertainty, realizing all of the possibilities within my reach.


The Washington Center stands on the pillars of professional development, leadership, and being an active and responsible member of your community -- but what else? I think I speak for everyone when I say that this semester has been so much more than an astounding opportunity; it has been a journey in self-discovery. I know it sounds cliche, but many of us have found ourselves here in the streets of the nation's capital. Well, some of us have gotten lost, but we found our way eventually.


Students, I ask you to think back to some of your best moments, or maybe even some of your worst. In one way or another, this experience has changed each and every one of us. We all came here with a great deal of uncertainty, but we came here for a reason. We wanted an opportunity to develop and progress as young adults. If anything, we wanted to be proud of ourselves for embracing new endeavors with open arms.


If I've learned anything from this experience it is this -- if you believe in yourself, others will too. And if you have confidence in who you are and what you can do, there is truly no end to what you can accomplish. I've also learned how to un-jam a printer and how important a great cup of coffee is in the morning -- who would survive without such critical life skills?


The Washington Center has given us so much more than we can yet realize. It's given us an environment to cultivate our growth -- to better understand who we are, who we have been, and who we want to be moving into the future. The Washington Center has us asking "what's next?" Some of us have been offered jobs, others will go on to graduate school, some will bring back a wealth of knowledge to their home countries and others will move back home to work on paying off those college loans. In hindsight, I think we'll look back and realize that one thing unites us all. In our own ways, we're trailblazers. We took a risk this semester and did something different. We left our colleges, our homes, and came to a new city to have some of the most invaluable experiences of our lives.



I couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful opportunities I was given this semester and am looking forward to the next chapter. I personally, will be spending my spring semester studying abroad in Spain only to return to D.C. for the summer. In one of my past posts I mentioned tips for communications interviews and I have to say -- they must have worked because I landed the position! I've got the D.C. fever and can't wait to return to D.C. like many other interns from this semester. For those of you who wish to follow my adventures please add me on Twitter (@emihranian) and I look forward to keeping in touch and joining the well-connected group of TWC alumni! It's been a blast everyone. Thank you to each and every person who has made this journey a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

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