Election Countdown

Election Countdown

With the election only a few short weeks away, things in D.C. are picking up faster than ever. I can perfectly remember being at the Republican National Convention only 2 months ago and seeing the balloons drop as if it were yesterday. Where has all the time gone? At TWC we're gearing up for midterm assessments from our supervisors and site visits because, believe it our not, our internships are at a midpoint. The optimist that I am would like to see the glass as half full -- the second half of the semester is going to be even better than the first! Full of new adventures, professional development, and lasting friendships. Even though I still can't believe I'm living in D.C., so much has changed for me and not only am I looking into the future, but I'm enjoying the present to the fullest.


D.C. Politics

The city is absolutely buzzing with political jargon. You can't make it ten minutes into your morning without hearing or seeing the names "Obama" and "Romney" plastered across a bumper sticker, news article, or popping up repeatedly from an app on your phone. I'm lucky enough to be taking a course with C-SPAN that is taking an in-depth look at the election and the way the campaign is playing out. We've also been studying the role that the media plays in modern elections. As I'm sure everyone has realized, campaign ads are abundant on the internet and the news media is playing a larger part in our presidential elections than ever before. There truly is much to talk about. The polls are neck-and-neck and everyone is anticipating election day -- will there be a new president? D.C. revolves around politics, for more reasons than one, and with thousands of people in the area are employed by the government, election day couldn't come sooner. If Mitt Romney wins and there is a change in administration there will be a significant turnover in federal employment.


The recent debates have also increased political hype and brought national attention back to D.C. and the campaign. Last time many Americans saw the candidates speak was months ago at their respective conventions. To see our nation's leaders compared side-by-side has been an exciting event for all political gurus. Many TWC interns, including myself, have done a lot more than watch the election play out from the sidelines. From canvassing, to phone banks, a lot of TWC interns are getting out there and supporting their respective parties agendas by taking action. Others have joined interest groups and advocacy campaign to make sure their voice is heard and their issues are in the forefront of people's minds this election cycle.


I've spent my time campaigning with American Majority Action on the weekends. Not only has my experience been great for networking, but my resume is even being passed around the Hill as we speak! You never know who you're going to meet when you get involved in campaign efforts at any level so I definitely recommend doing so during your time in D.C. Not only has campaigning been a great opportunity for me but things have really started rolling at work.


Internship Update

My internship no longer feels like an internship -- it is work. I'm feeling like a working professional with a lot of responsibility in the workplace and I love it. I've gotten to head a few big time projects and have helped make ends meet at various TWC conferences and events.


Big Data Release

Here is a photo from the Big TechAmerica Data Release last week!


The newest addition to my work portfolio is a survey that I will be leading and conducting. TechAmerica puts out a report of Federal Chief Information Officers each year and I have been given the opportunity to have a huge part in this years CIO survey project. I am definitely taking on the task with confidence and clarity. Mainly, I'm honored that my internship sees me as being qualified for such a large and important assignment.


Elise hard at work putting together press release packets for reporters!


D.C. offers so many great opportunities to get ahead. Not only have interns been able to network with their respective companies, but being in the city invites so many other unique opportunities. Some friends and I were recently invited to attend a free seminar at the Leadership Institute. We learned about public speaking, T.V. presentation, and how to manage your public image. Now, more than ever, public image matters for young professionals and they offered great strategies and tips.


Inside the Capitol

I've also been able to attend a few meetings at the Capitol recently and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the action. Last week TechAmerica interns got the chance to tour the Capitol Dome. They followed one of the many official Capitol guides known by their dashing attire and bright red coats. After a whopping 18 flights of stairs and a few signs reading, "continue at your own risk," we finally made it to the top.


Interns got to touch the original Capitol Dome, which is concealed under the new dome. There is a famous window that has become part of Capital dome history. As early at the 1880s women have carved their initials into the windowpane with their diamond rings. It was so cool to feel like a part of history and the views from the dome were breathtaking.



Love this view!


This weekend a co-worker was able to get us exclusive passes for a White House Garden tour. Who would have thought 2 months ago that I would be spending my time in the Capitol and smelling the sweet roses of White House row. My mom came to visit me in D.C. this weekend and she even got to come along!


Elise is loving the White House Lawn!


Showing family around the capital was such a blast!


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