D.C. Local Tips and Trends

D.C. Local Tips and Trends

I finally am beginning to feel like a D.C. local. I must admit, I haven't stopped taking typical tourist photos of the Capitol, but I don't need to check my metro rail application six times to find my way home anymore. Part of being a D.C. regular is knowing the best places to eat, drink, and be merry. Especially now that the holiday season is rolling around. My office just celebrated a Thanksgiving potluck and all the TWC interns are preparing for a wonderful holiday with their families and friends. The semester is really winding down all the TWC interns are starting to get out and make the most of our last few weeks.


Taking a classic tourist picture outside the Jefferson Memorial!


D.C. Must Have Apps

Everyone knows how useful and practical Smartphone apps can be. Here are a few that fellow TWC interns and I have been finding especially great during our time in D.C.


As I mentioned before iTrans D.C. Metro is a great app that helps navigate the metro system. This app is a necessity for people who are new to D.C. and makes metro travel a breeze. Another great app I've been using is Happy Hour D.C. Happy Hour allows you to find great deals on drinks and appetizers based on your location. It lists all the specials and even gives you quick directions on how to find your ultimate Happy Hour destinations. Pad Mapper is another great site/app I discovered for TWC interns looking to move to the city. It helps you locate available apartment is the area while selecting your price range and ideal number of rooms. A lot of TWC interns are considering staying in D.C. for spring internships and jobs so Pad Mapper has become increasingly popular around the RAF (TWC's intern housing). The next app has not only been helpful to me but would be useful for anyone interested in politics and campaigns. The Congress app lists all Members of Congress' information along with bios, photos, and twitter links. Talk about a political guru's dream app!


D.C. Freebies

There's no one that loves freebies more than college students -- except maybe interns. There is tons of free stuff to do in the city. From over 20 different Smithsonian museums to open houses, promotional events, and advocacy breakfasts, the hunt for D.C. freebies is almost always worth the treasure. A recent find I made was at a bar in DuPont called Front Page. Every Thursday from 5-7p, the Front Page offers free chicken and pork tacos during happy hour with no cover charge. After my second week in attendance, let me just say the tacos are delicious! And free food always brings out a fun young crowd (perfect for networking)!


Elise and some new TWC friends she met at Front Page!


Trying Twenties

I recently read an awesome article on Thought Catalog titled "15 Things to Keep Doing in your Twenties." Your twenties are the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in taking risks and trying new things. This past weekend I definitely got a taste of different. Friday night I headed out to Georgetown with a friend to Restaurante Piccolo. Not only was the food amazing, but the dining experience was wonderful. The restaurant had a violinist who introduced himself to us and even was kind enough to play Beethoven's "Fur Elise" in honor of me. It was such a special time and clearly I was having a blast.


Elise is getting a personal show at Restaurante Piccolo!


Another new experience for me occurred at Clyde's restaurant in Chinatown. I guess I never before realized that a seafood raw bar was actually RAW. I know it sounds obvious but I had never ordered raw seafood before. Needless to say I was quite surprised when a dish of ice and gooey looking raw clams arrive at my table. Dig in!


There's always an opportunity to try new things in D.C.!


Active D.C.

Not only is D.C. a politically active city but it is also a city filled with physical activity. Everyone here stays in great shape. The chilly weather hasn't deterred any outdoor runners and its quite usual to see individuals and small groups jogging down the crowded D.C. streets. If you like to run and are looking to meet some new people, check out these running meetups in the D.C. area. There's even a special Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving! I got in my workout this weekend at the opening of the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. There were lots of people and I had so much fun checking out some cool art and enjoying the outdoor rink.


Elise couldn't wait to lace up her rentals and get moving!


Having a blast skating!

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