Christmas Time is Here... The Fiscal Cliff is Near...

Christmas Time is Here... The Fiscal Cliff is Near...

Christmas spirit has poured over Washington, D.C. While some of us are enjoying peppermint mochas and decking the halls, those on Capitol Hill are working hard trying to find a resolution for the looming "fiscal cliff." Personally, I have been diligently writing letters to Congress on behalf of TechAmerica and it members in hopes of postponing spending cuts which may be devastating the tech industry. Along with work, I've been really trying to get out and soak up these last few weeks in D.C. -- uncertain when I will be returning to the city I've fallen in love with.


The Fiscal Cliff is near...

Will we fall off of the fiscal cliff? Well in my opinion it's more of a fiscal slope than anything. America is not going to fall off of some economic policy deadline and plummet to its death. Even if sequestration goes into effect it will be a slow process, a slow adjustment, and a slow recovery. Congress is concerned, and they should be. But nothing this monumental will be solved in the few short days Congress has left in session. If anything, many think the can will be kicked further down the road before any serious decisions are made. My work as a policy analyst at TechAmerica has really picked up with Congress being in session. I was given the responsibility of writing a White Paper on sequestration and a letter to Congress along with it. As an intern, I was super excited to take on the project. I worked closely with my supervisors to draft the letter and make sure it aligned perfectly with TechAmerica's position. The letter went out a few days ago. It is crazy to think something I wrote is on the Hill at this very moment!


Lights... Not the Christmas Kind

Earlier in the semester I wrote a bit about concerts in the city for music lovers. A few friends and I got together and decided to purchase tickets to a show at the 9:30 Club last week. The venue was awesome and they bring in different artist each week. We saw Lights and The Arkells. Lights is an Ellie Goulding-esque artist and her show was fun and the perfect end to the Arkells upbeat and lighthearted rock. The Arkells best known track is called "Oh, the Boss is Coming," how fitting for life as a D.C. intern.


Elise is having a great time at the Lights Concert!


Small venues in D.C. allow you to get right up in the front row.


Such a pretty stage set up at the 9:30 Club.

Christmas in D.C.

Though we'll all be at home by the time Christmas rolls around, holiday attractions are appearing all over the city. Tonight was the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. This year the Capitol tree is celebrating its 90th year. There were a number of performers at the lighting including artists Colbie Caillat, The Fray, and Jason Mraz to name a few. D.C. has a number of places to see twinkling lights this season all around town. Check out list of Christmas attractions in the D.C. Metro Area.


The capitol tree!


A Stroll Among the City Lights...

This past weekend I actually headed back to my home university Juniata College to celebrate a century long tradition. It's called Madrigal and it pretty much like prom. There's a big fancy dinner, lots of pictures, and dancing. Upon walking into the dance I was taken aback by this years Madrigal theme: A Stroll Among the City Lights.


Tickets to the Madrigal at Juniata.


I couldn't stop thinking about how no matter where I am the city seems to find me at this point. There really is nothing better than a stroll down the streets of the capitol city. I've already started making plans to come back this summer. Setting up interviews, and applying for a few different positions. I'm in love with D.C., as are many TWC interns, and I can't wait to be back in the wonderful city lights.


Elise is getting into the holiday spirit!

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