The Calm After the Political Storm...

The Calm After the Political Storm...

Now that the election has passed, D.C. has definitely seemed to quiet down a bit. There was so much suspense and anticipation building up to the election, but at this point, things have settled. The political rallies, events, and campaigns have all come to a close. It's crazy how the politics that have consumed our lives for the last year seem to have turned to dust. Whether it's the quiet after the storm, or the quiet before it, I can't help but notice the political atmosphere of D.C. has come to a shocking halt. I think it's fair to say that at this point, everyone is exhausted by the TV ads, debates, and political business all together. Either way, election night in D.C. will never be forgotten by this semester's TWC interns.


Election Day: Nov. 6th

My alarm went off at 5:30 and I shot out of bed... It was Election Day. You would have thought it was Christmas, but no this was far more important that some new lip glosses and a visit from Santa. It was the day we had all been waiting for. I quickly got up, got dressed, and started throwing together a packed lunch. It was going to be a long day. I headed to the polls and met up with my campaigning group. We were all excited and energy was high. For the next 8 hours we handed out brochures and information supporting our candidate to people entering the polling locations. So many questions were running through my head as hundreds of people passed by; Who are they voting for? How do government decisions affect each individual personally? Would there be a new president-elect tomorrow? The hours of "get out the vote" efforts passed slowly. It was cold outside with a chilly wind but our efforts were not compromised by the weather. All the volunteers at American Majority Action had an election to win. All of our campaigning for the last few months all came down to this one day. Would Mitt Romney be able to beat the incumbent President Obama? We were hopeful, but to our dismay, our efforts were not enough. Nonetheless, I learned a lot from campaigning and I'm glad I did it. I met so many great people who were passionate and dedicated. Along the way, I also learned a lot about myself.


The night of the election, after working the polls all day, I decided to go out with friends. First we headed to EatWell for some grub and election themed drinks. The Donkey Punch and Elephant's Trunk were huge favorites. After that, we went to the Human Rights Campaign Viewing Party and it was a blast. It was only $5 to enter and there were a lot of people at the event. Here are some pictures that Metro Weekly posted of the party!


It was getting later in the evening and numbers started rolling in. Every news outlet was making their own calls and predictions within seconds of one another. Flipping between channels I didn't know what to think. Romney was ahead! Wait no, Obama was ahead. Fox News has them at a tie!?! Before long there were big numbers on the board. Obama only needed a few more electoral votes to win. In the blink of an eye, it was over. I was disappointed, I must admit. I thought the race was going to be much closer and that results wouldn't be determined until the wee hours of the night. I was wrong. Obama had won, clear and simple. And I was there in D.C. to experience it all -- where to go next? My friends and I headed to the White House around 11 p.m. There were huge crowds of people, definitely over a few thousand. Young people everywhere were embracing new friends, celebrating, and most importantly witnessing history. We celebrated late into the night and hoorayed all the way home. Finally, at the hype had climaxed. It was over.


Golfing at Work

Yes, I said it; golfing at work. For a little post-election relaxation in the office, TechAmerica CEO, Shawn Osborne, decided to set up a few holes of mini-golf around the office. It was really fun for all of the interns and co-workers to putt around together in attempts to pick up some extra cash. We all laughed together as stray golf balls ricocheted off of filing cabinets and desks. Let's just say I was lucky I didn't hurt anyone with my pathetic mini-golfing attempts. Liam, a fellow intern, on the other hand, managed to get two hole-in-ones and won himself a prize of $40. Whoever said interns didn't get paid? We all really had a great time with the game and being in an office environment where it's okay to have fun is really important. Playing mini-golf at my internship made me think back to some of my human resource classes. It's as if my old vocabulary word, "organizational culture" was being played out right in front of me. TWC interns have the unique opportunity to apply what they know and have learned in school to a professional environment.  Plus, who doesn't love mini golf?


Shelby and Sioung are having a go!

CEO, Shawn, looks on to see if any employees can complete his mini golf challenge.


Liam is victorious!

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