The Transition

The Transition

I love being home so far. It is very, very relaxing. I have been getting a lot of sleep (which is so nice) and spending as much time with my family as I can. I also have been hiking and enjoying the beautiful California weather. I am going to start playing tennis at our neighborhood courts because I am taking a tennis class next semester! :)


Yes, the class is for credit. Great, right?! Happy senior year to me! I am pretty excited about taking that next semester because I have always wanted to take up tennis! Some of my friends back at school play so it will be fun to get together and play with them on the weekends. Our campus back at TCU has a beautiful tennis facility - both indoor and outdoor. I just need to head up to the store and get a racket before I go back to Texas! Maybe that will be on my Christmas list.


Another thing I have been doing since I have been home is lots and lots of Christmas shopping. I did some while I was in D.C., but not all of it because then you transport your presents! I did get a couple of little things that could fit in my carry-on but other than that I waited till I got back home. And I am almost done with all of my holiday shopping. There are just a few other things I need to pick up. As for the wrapping, I usually wait till the day before Christmas Eve. I am somewhat of a procrastinator when it comes to wrapping presents. I just love wrapping the presents so it is difficult to open - it makes Christmas day more exciting!


While it is very relaxing being home, it is also a little bit strange and odd. When I was in D.C. it was so go, go, go - which I love! I particularly fell in love with the city because of its energy. Plus, everyone is super motivated and a majority of the people are such go-getters. It really is so inspiring being there! I do not live in the biggest city so things are much slower here, especially the drivers. :) It is weird because I am so used to working full-time, taking classes, doing homework and exploring the city with friends. There was never a dull moment in D.C!


Looking back at the semester, even when my friends and I were hanging out together in one of our apartments, we were working on stuff for the Washington Center assignments, watching one of the presidential debates or cooking up some extravagant dinner (a.k.a. taco night). We were constantly doing things even when we were back in the RAF during the evening. On the weekends we were out going to as many museums as possible or shopping in Gallery Place/Chinatown (so much fun and it never got boring). We loved going to Georgetown even though the closest metro (which really isn't close at all) is Foggy Bottom. I already miss the cupcakes - there is something about cupcakes in Washington, D.C. They just aren't the same here in California!


I still am just in complete awe that it is already Christmas time and we have all gone our separate ways. My friends from Panama seem so far away! And even my TCU friends who went back to Oklahoma and Kansas City seem like they are overseas. It is just the strangest feeling, but I know that I will see all of them again (and my TCU friends in about a month). I also cannot believe that I will be graduating in May...I wish I could live at the RAF for another semester! The fact that time is just flying by so fast makes me realize that we have to cherish every moment and be thankful for all of these opportunities we have been given from our universities as well as the Washington Center. The experience that I had in D.C. is like no other experience I had in college. It really takes you and throws you into the "real world" with a full-time internship, course work, work for TWC that goes towards an end of the semester portfolio and fun experiences living in a big city with a lot of opportunity. If you have the chance to experience that city, you really shouldn't let it pass!


Like I keep saying, put your foot in as many doors as possible!  :) You certainly will not regret it!

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