Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

I dreaded the last week of the semester as I started packing up boxes to send back to Texas. Those boxes sat empty in my room for a while because with every box I packed I felt like I was speeding up the inevitable. I have not felt this excited about a city in a very long time. I fell in love with D.C. quickly and unexpectedly. I knew that I would like it but I did not know that when I had to leave it would be so painful. But I found comfort in the fact that I will be back at the end of January and hopefully again after that! On Monday we had commencement at the Washington Center. We got to hear from some great alumni who have gone on to become very successful in their career field. We also got to hear from two fellow Washington Center students and their speeches were amazing! The first one was pretty hilarious and I know that it got all of us very excited and proud of our accomplishments this semester. He got a standing applause at the end of his speech and I knew at that point that saying goodbye would not be as sad as I thought it would because everyone was so happy reminiscing on all of our memories over the course of the semester. I also had my last class of the semester that night. I really enjoyed my Media Law and Ethics course. Our professor was a pretty remarkable person and she had a lot of firsthand experience to share with us since she has worked for the Associated Press for many, many years. The course was definitely one of my favorite classes I have taken during my college career. I am thankful I was able to learn from such a talented journalist and professor!


Tuesday I went into work and I was upset that my time with the team was coming to a close. The next day we had our CBS Christmas Party so my fellow intern friend and I went together. It was a great time! I was happy I was able to spend time with everyone outside of the newsroom. Unfortunately I had to say some goodbyes to people because the team was traveling up to New York at the end of the week. I did not want to say goodbye but I will see them all in January for the presidential inauguration! :D I am really, really looking forward to that and already counting down the days. Thursday I spent the majority of the day packing away my room and cleaning the apartment. I am pretty used to packing up and shipping stuff from state to state since I am from California and go to school in Texas. Packing and moving stuff has become the norm at the end of each academic year. Since I will only be home in California for a couple weeks before going back to school in Texas I just sent all my boxes straight to Fort Worth. Fortunately, my family that I nanny for will be there to get the boxes. They are great! I tried to gradually pack up my room over the course of the last couple weeks which was somewhat helpful. There are a lot of things due for the Washington Center and your courses so it is a good idea to start gradually packing up over the course of the last two weeks or so. That way you will not be super overwhelmed and you will also have time to spend with your friends during your last couple of days together. It was nice to focus on work and spending as much time with my friends as possible during the last two weeks!


Checking Out

One recommendation I have for you is to gradually clean your apartment over the course of the semester. And by that I mean your own room, bathroom as well as the living room and kitchen. Just like packing, cleaning gradually helps at the end of the semester so you and your roommates are not scrambling to get things done the last week you have at the RAF. It is our responsibility to clean the entire apartment and to make sure that your dishes and all that are still in your apartment. Over the course of the semester make sure that if you have friends over for dinner or you cook in someone else's apartment that you get your dishes back. Some of my friends were missing cups or silverware at the end of the semester because it is easy to forget where you left it or to borrow one when you are in your friend's apartment. We also had a dish that broke during the semester so we will be charged for missing kitchenware. Just make sure to make note of those things so that your checkout at the end of the semester is easy! My flight left super early Saturday morning so I just did the express checkout. That means that I took the original envelope they give us at the beginning of the semester with your electronic ID pass, room key and mailbox key to the front desk and they check you off the list. But at least one of your roommates will have a full checkout with your RA. That gives them the opportunity to do a walk through and to check to make sure all your kitchenware and furniture is still there. The process is pretty easy just be prepared and keep your apartment's stuff in the apartment throughout the semester! And remember to do stuff gradually over the semester so you can enjoy your last days at the RAF.


Bye, Bye RAF

I have never been a crier. I am not the super emotional type, my friends will tell you that. But this semester was the best experience of my life so far. I had the opportunity to work with the best political news team out there and with that met some of the most talented people and the best mentors that I will always remember and be thankful for. Saying goodbye to them was the hardest because I worked so closely with all of them and spent a majority of my time with them. I will be so happy to return in January to work with them again at the inauguration! I was able to see my friends throughout the week. I was sad to say goodbye to my international friends because it might be awhile before we see each other again since we are far away. Fortunately, two good friends will be returning with me to TCU! :) We were still sad to leave each other but we will be reunited in Fort Worth soon enough.


My roommate's parents came during the week to help her move out. They were going to spend the weekend in D.C. so she was moved out of the apartment by Friday. It was so weird seeing her side of the room completely empty. I also sent my comforter home so my side of the room was pretty deserted as well. It was so weird! It is such a strange feeling because D.C. has become home to me. I hate leaving places that you become so familiar with - especially a city like D.C. It is the most exhilarating place I have ever lived in and I am so excited to make my way back there one day. I left for the airport Saturday around 4:30 a.m. (this has become a time trend hasn't it?!) I dreaded when I saw the cab pulling up. But that was it. I did not want to say goodbye because this semester was so incredible to me. But all good things must come to an end. I'll be back for you soon D.C.! :D


Until next time!

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