The Post-Election Life

The Post-Election Life

What an amazing time to be in Washington, D.C. I am so grateful to be here! I cannot seem to say it enough. While I am relieved that the election is over (no more political advertisements!), I am also really sad that the campaign is over! The past two-and-a-half months have been amazing working at a news organization during the campaign season. The city itself is so energetic. Everybody here is so motivated and passionate about what they do. I decided that I am going to move back here after graduation! I just cannot imagine being away from D.C. now that I have lived here. Election night was still a long one in the newsroom even though news networks started calling the win around eleven-thirty that night. We were all very surprised that the call was made so early; we were expecting it to be a very, very long night. It still was - I got into the newsroom a little before 6 p.m. and got back to the RAF around 7:30 the next morning. Needless to say, I took a very long nap that day! But being in the newsroom with the CTM (CBS This Morning) team was an unbelievable experience. Again, getting to see how things work behind the scenes is my favorite part of this. And better yet, I get to help do it all and assist the producers!


[Election night in the newsroom!]


The city was pretty wild that night. We had the feed coming in of everybody outside the White House. We saw the footage of everybody chanting and dancing. Cars were honking their horns and people were screaming out the windows. There was even one guy that was chanting "Romney, Romney." He must have been a little bit confused. Even though I wasn't out there and we were all in the newsroom, we had our own little celebration and we were all in red, white and blue! Even though it was a super late night it was a ton of fun being there with the team and getting to watch the election unfold with them. This was definitely another highlight of my D.C internship experience! I feel like I have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I would stay here forever if I could! I already miss it and I haven't even left yet - fortunately, I will be returning in January to help the CTM team at the Presidential Inauguration! I CAN'T WAIT! :)



Celebration Time

Election night, for obvious reasons, was a hectic/crazy/busy yet fascinating night! And the days leading up to the election were non-stop although every day in the news is non-stop (one reason why I love it so much!). Hard work definitely deserves a time for celebration. We all made sure to catch up on as much sleep as we could while continuing out the rest of the week - the show must go on despite being up for more than 30-plus hours! Friday night my friend and I went to dinner and then saw the new movie, Flight, with Denzel Washington. It was a pretty good movie but it is definitely a rental. Saturday I went out to Virginia to go on a vineyards tour with a big group of friends! It was a beautiful day outside, sunny and not too cold. It was so nice to get out of the city for a day. We were very close to West Virginia and it is just gorgeous out there! It was such a great weekend and much needed.


[Tour of the vineyards. What a view!]


Veterans Day at Arlington Cemetery

Veterans Day fell on a Sunday this year so my friends and I decided it would be nice to visit Arlington Cemetery to honor all of those men and women that have served and continue to serve for our country. It was a very humbling experience. The metro and the cemetery itself was packed but it was gorgeous outside! It was a beautiful day to honor our soldiers. President Obama spoke to the people that morning. Unfortunately, they stopped letting people into the amphitheater at a certain point and we did not make the cut. But we visited the Kennedy memorial and the Lee house. We also got to see and listen to the 21-gun salute.


[Veterans' Day at Arlington Cemetery.]


Right after the salute we saw, from a distance of course, the presidential motorcade and the trail of cars that surround him in the line. It was pretty cool even though we were far away! When we decided to head back to the RAF we were walking out of the main entrance and there were a ton of people lined up along the streets waiting for something or someone. We thought we saw the president leave when we saw his motorcade pass down the road after the salute but little did we know... We decided to stick around just in case and boy are we glad we did! We had just been talking about heading back because we could have sworn we saw the motorcade leave earlier. And just as we were about to, in rolls the trail of presidential cars and the motorcade itself - with President Obama in the second one! Yes, we saw President Obama waving to the crowd as he drove by. It was, of course, absolutely amazing! Adding that to my long list of D.C. highlights!


[President Obama's motorcade leaving Arlington Cemetery.]

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