My Trip to The Big Apple

My Trip to The Big Apple

I have wanted to make a trip to New York City since the beginning of the semester but time sure does fly by! Between a full time internship, classes and Washington Center assignments this semester has been so busy. Luckily, I completed my class work and my last TWC assignment (the portfolio) a week before my trip. I did not want to have to worry about finishing assignments and all that, especially since we are leaving soon. I am so sad it is almost over! Sadly, I have never been to New York until this past week. I loved every second of being in the city! Two of our morning show anchors were in the D.C. bureau on Wednesday so I got into the studio around 4:30 that morning and then left for my flight a little bit after the show. I flew into JFK which was about a forty-five minute drive from where I was staying in Midtown. The traffic in the city is outrageous! I did not realize how bad it was until I was sitting in it. But I was in awe the entire cab ride there! It is a magnificent place. I could not wait to get out of the car!


[Leaving the D.C. bureau for NYC!]


I stayed in Midtown at a hotel that was literally right across the street from the CBS broadcast center! I wanted to be close since I had to be there around 5 o'clock Thursday morning. It is a great area! I checked into my hotel and got settled in before walking over to the studio. I was able to meet a ton of people that I've talked with via email and video conferences (at the D.C. bureau) - it was so nice to put some faces to the names! I was able to check out the studio and the building which is huge. It was a great start to my time in NYC!


[Studio 57]


After I went to the broadcast center I wandered around the city. Wednesday night was the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center! I had a cab drop me off at Times Square. That place is incredible! There were so many people walking around, grabbing food and shopping. I picked up two little NYC photos from a street vendor. They are very pretty paintings! I walked around for a couple hours and made my way over to Rockefeller Center. I got to see the Christmas tree, which was not lit at this point. The Christmas decorations all throughout the city are so pretty! It definitely got me into Christmas mode! I had so much fun just walking around and exploring the city on my own. While it was super crowded it was pretty peaceful and nice to explore the city without any plans. For dinner I walked into a local pizza spot and picked up a slice. Then I headed back to the hotel to catch some sleep before the morning show on Thursday. It was the perfect night!


[The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center]


[More NYC Christmas decorations]


[Times Square]


Thursday morning I got to the broadcast center around 5 a.m. I assisted the producers and Norah with whatever they needed at that moment (i.e., research, putting binders together with one sheets, interview questions, etc.). I was able to sit in the studio during the show - it was an awesome experience! I have only seen the show via our D.C. control room and on Fridays when Norah anchors out of the D.C. bureau. It was incredible seeing how the show comes together in Studio 57. Everyone works as a team to make sure the show is successful that day. I loved every second of it! It is so exciting being part of putting a show together. Every day that I have been with CBS, including my two days in New York, gets me more and more excited to graduate and start my journalism career! I cannot wait to be in a newsroom for good! :)


[Norah and I after the show at Studio 57.]

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