Mom & Friends Visit D.C.

Mom & Friends Visit D.C.

It is always nice having friends or family in a new city you are moving to! Ironically, a family that we know from my hometown was moving to Washington, D.C. around the same time that I was in August. The father of the family got a new position just outside of the city so they packed up and moved just before I did. I was excited to know someone here just in case. In Texas I have some family friends as well as the family that I nanny for. There is definitely a nice sense of comfort knowing that when you are so far away from your immediate family you have people there for you just in case anything happens. During Hurricane Sandy, my D.C. family was texting me to make sure that we had everything like food and plenty of bottled water. They are so sweet! I was so grateful to have them in the city during my semester there. They were truly a blessing.


The semester just flew by and unfortunately I did not see them as much as I would have liked to. But when my mom decided to come visit at the end of the semester her two friends wanted to join. My mom and her friends also wanted to see our family friends that just moved to D.C. so we made a big trip out of all of it! I knew when they started making travel arrangements that it was going to be so much fun! Our D.C. family picked my mom, her friends and I up at the airport and we went back to their house in Virginia to see the kids. They are too cute! It was also really nice to get out of the RAF for a night and stay in a cozy home outside of the city. It was a great, relaxing little break. We had dinner with the family and stayed up chatting and planning out the rest of the week/weekend. I had the next day off of work so I was able to spend a whole day with them. It was the beginning of a great trip!


My Tour of D.C.

We woke up early Thursday and had breakfast with the family. After we all got ready we drove back into the city and checked my mom and her friends into their hotel which was conveniently located right by my office. So after we got them all settled into their hotel I took them over to the bureau to show them where I work and introduce them to my talented coworkers. They had a blast getting to see the newsroom and the Face the Nation set - it was pretty neat seeing how excited they got! After I gave them a little tour of where I spend most of my time, we walked to Georgetown. It was about a fifteen to twenty minute walk but it was sunny and beautiful outside so it was enjoyable. We ate lunch at a little cafe and had some delicious chili. After lunch we did some shopping and went to Dean & Deluca which is a little food market in Georgetown. They have candy, fresh pastries and food. We were all still full from lunch but got some candy for later! I also had to take them to Georgetown Cupcakes - a must see/try while in D.C.! They had a bunch of holiday flavors and the place was not too crowded since it was the middle of the week. I stuck with my favorite...a red velvet cupcake. :) For dinner I took them to Chef Geoff's downtown. The food and the energy in the restaurant was incredible! I highly recommend taking your family and/or friends to this restaurant if you are looking for delicious food and a great, fun night!


Friday morning I had work starting at 4:30 a.m., but it was nice because I was able to leave after the show and take my mom and her friends sight-seeing! I took them to the Natural History Museum, the National Mall and Capitol Hill. Needless to say we did a lot of walking! After that I took them to lunch at Union Station and then headed back to the RAF to take a quick nap before dinner in DuPont Circle. My mom, her friends and I went to the Darlington House for dinner - one of my favorite spots in D.C.! My two friends joined us for dinner and it was a blast. The Italian food at this restaurant is delicious and it is a townhome converted into a restaurant so it is very cozy. We were there for a couple of hours; we had such a good time! Saturday morning I took them to Founding Farmers for brunch. It is the best brunch in D.C!! Then we went to Eastern Market because they all love to shop and it is a fun place to spend some time. They loved it and we all got some Christmas shopping out of the way as well. We then took the metro over to the Botanical Gardens. We were so happy we squeezed this into our day because the gardens are absolutely gorgeous. It is also currently all decorated for Christmas so it was fun to snap some pictures.


[My mom, friends and I at the Botanical Gardens.]


After we toured the Botanical Gardens we walked back to their hotel. They were going back to Virginia to stay at our family friend's house for their last night. They were going to have dinner there and I was going to have dinner with my friends for our last weekend in D.C.! It was so nice to spend time with my mom and our family friends. It was definitely a nice change of pace but I was also excited and ready to spend some quality time with my friends since it was our last weekend in the city. I could not believe that it was that time of the semester. Everybody was so excited to hang out but also very sad because our semester was coming to an end. So many great friends and so many great memories together! It was such a fun last weekend but none of us were ready to say goodbye.

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