Halloween & The Frankenstorm

Halloween & The Frankenstorm

Towards the end of the week before Sandy we had heard about the hurricane headed towards the east coast but we really had no idea just how bad it would be. One of my coworkers printed out this graphic of the hurricane's path and put it next to our campaign map of the U.S.! It looked like we were in the bull's-eye of the storm so everyone was a little bit concerned at this point. Luckily, the D.C. area did not get hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. However, other parts of Virginia and especially areas in New York and New Jersey were not as fortunate. I cannot believe that the hurricane did as much damage as it did.


[The scary map!]


The Washington Center closed both Monday and Tuesday because of the weather predictions and conditions outside. Everyone made sure to stock up at the grocery store with bread, bottled water, flashlights and non-perishable foods. The grocery store line at Harris Teeter was ridiculously long and the water and bread aisles were almost empty. It was pretty spooky! My parents who are back on the west coast called multiple times to check on me...and for pictures of the storm! We certainly do not see weather like this back in California. However, the storm did not hit us hard. It rained and was windy; there was one light post outside the apartment that kept looking like it was going to fall over. Luckily, we did not lose power but the metro system was down, so we were stuck at the RAF. My friends and I watched a lot of movies those two days.


Since the metro system was closed and there were not a lot of taxis willing to drive in the bad weather, the bureau set up some of the staff at a local hotel so they could still get to work. News never sleeps! They did the same thing at the studio in New York, especially since most of that area was hit pretty hard. A few days after the hurricane we had a live shot of the traffic trying to get into New York City. It was unreal! They were only letting cars with three or more people into the city and there were only a couple of single lanes open. It was outrageous. If you can look up a screen shot of a live feed showing the NYC traffic that Friday, do it.


Since I was just in Boca Raton for the debate and work has been very, very busy with the election, my Halloween costume was super last minute. I remember when Halloween used to be so exciting when we were younger; I wish it was that way today! A part of me would still love to go trick-or-treating if it was appropriate for us 21-year-olds. A big group of my friends and I decided to put some costumes together and go out in D.C. I bought some silly little kids' cheetah hat - wah lah, my costume! It turns out a lot of people decided to be cats and animals this year. It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed celebrating the holiday with new friends!


[Black Swan, zebra, cheetah and a panda.]


Unfortunately this year I did not have time to carve pumpkins or make festive cookies. But when I was in Boca for the presidential debate I did see the best pumpkin carving ever - the Twitter bird! Pretty great, right? I also saw some great costumes this year, all very appropriate since it is election season after all. Two of my friends dressed up as Mitt Romney and President Obama. Surprisingly, I did not see anyone dressed up as Big Bird. Until next time Halloween!


[Twitter booth in Boca.]


[Mitt Romney costume.]

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