Farewell East Coast... Back to the West Coast!

Farewell East Coast... Back to the West Coast!

The airport was packed early Saturday morning. I expected it would be because it is so close to Christmas and the holiday season. I always remember to check in online just to speed up the process! I am pretty used to flying back and forth since I do that between home (in California) and school (in Texas) frequently. Fortunately, this time I only had one overweight bag... better than usual. :) The airlines are so expensive nowadays so remember to pack lightly! I had shipped enough stuff back to school that I only ended up with two large suitcases on the flight back home. I got there early enough to sit down and enjoy some coffee. It was pretty depressing sitting there and waiting to go home because I really did not want to have to say goodbye to D.C. As I sat there drinking my coffee and eating breakfast, I thought about all the great memories I created this semester. I thought about all the friends I made and all the work I accomplished in class and at my internship. What started out as a sad morning quickly turned into a happy one because of all the things I have to be grateful for this semester. There are too many good memories to be sad about leaving!


My flight home was pretty quick and easy. I had a fifty-minute layover in Arizona and slept on both flights. Because of the time difference I landed in California before lunchtime. I missed seeing mountains and the warmth of the sun. It was about seventy-five degrees and sunny when I landed. I cannot complain about that! A stark contrast from the chilly weather in D.C., but I already missed it. My mom picked me up from the airport and we had lunch downtown. My family is very excited to have me home for the holidays! I am happy to be able to spend time with them before my last semester of college begins. It still amazes me how time flies!


[Home! :)]



I had a lot of stuff that I left at home so as soon as I arrived I started sorting through my closet. I am only home till the beginning of January because I am moving into a new apartment when I get back to school! I want to minimize what I have at home since all of my stuff is in storage back in Texas (the joys of living out of state). But since graduation is right around the corner (in May, woo hoo!) I would like to have all my stuff in one place ready to move to wherever my first job takes me! I am really looking forward to moving into my own place at school, especially since it will be my last semester and I will be super busy as usual.


Another great thing about being home (besides being with my family and friends) is getting to catch up on sleep!!! As you have probably noticed I got very little sleep this semester - all of which I did not mind losing because I loved every second of working instead! :) But it is nice to get rested up again. However, it is taking some time to get on a normal sleeping schedule especially because of the time difference. I find myself waking up every couple of hours and thinking I am still back at my apartment in the RAF. I also wake up around 3:30 in the morning thinking it is time to get ready for work! Can you tell I miss it already? I really do miss it but I cannot let myself get too used to this thing called sleep!

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