Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

At the beginning of the semester we had the opportunity to put our names into a lottery for a Pentagon and/or White House tour. I emailed my name back to be put on the list but did not hear anything until later in the semester - I got on the list for the Pentagon tour! I was so excited; I guess I just figured since I never heard back right away that I was too late. But woo hoo! We met in the morning during the week. It was chilly outside! After Hurricane Sandy we have had cold, cold weather. I keep praying that it will snow! Luckily, I am going to New York soon and they have been getting a little bit.


The Pentagon tour was pretty incredible. We weren't allowed to take pictures (sorry for the lack of pictures here) but for a designated area in the waiting room. They briefed us before we started the tour. The place has tight security so they warned us that we needed to stick with the group and wear our visitors pass at all times. The service men and woman that showed us around were great! They had a lot of personality and they made the tour fun. The Pentagon itself is amazing and I really liked how they have the center of the Pentagon (the outside part) as a designated area where they do not have to salute to one another. The landscaping and everything is beautiful. The most eerie part of visiting the Pentagon was walking through the wing of the building that was impacted by the plane on September 11th. They have quilts made by citizens in honor of those that they lost on 9/11, an indoor memorial with a chapel as well as a gorgeous memorial outside with benches and everything. They did a good job making sure that those who lost their lives that day will be remembered forever.


[Pentagon tour.]


Wizards Game

One of my friends from high school who graduated a year ahead of me ended up going to school in D.C. I have been able to see him occasionally which has been nice since we (Californians) are so far from home. Ironically, one of our other friends just transferred to James Madison and he was in town before heading to the airport. And then another one of our friends was here visiting - she interned here last summer and is hoping to return again! What can we say, we love the city! It is nice meeting people from California and even better getting to spend time and enjoy each other's company. It isn't often that my friends from high school and I are in the same city. Everybody is getting older and doing their own thing - it is cool getting to see what everyone is up to and what kind of jobs they are getting. So we decided to all get together and grab dinner since we were all in D.C. at the same time! We went to a tapas place called Ping Pong. It is over on DuPont and the food is delicious! I highly recommend this place if you are with a big group of people. All of us had a blast!


[Some of my high school friends and I at Ping Pong.]


My D.C. friends and I tried going to a basketball game a couple weekends ago but it didn't work out. We thought that we could get tickets from a scalper but they were too expensive the night of the game. We decided to wait and buy tickets on StubH9ub for a later date. Good thing we did because our tickets were $12! The seats weren't that great but it didn't matter because we all got to sit together and we had a blast. The Wizards lost to Utah but despite that the game was filled with a lot of fun halftime shows and the Chipotle burrito blimp that floats around and drops down burrito gift cards... unfortunately, we didn't catch any of those. I think professional basketball games are fun even if the team isn't doing so great that season!



Thanksgiving Break

I haven't seen my family since I left for D.C. in August so I was eager and ready to get home and spend time with them! My flight left super early on Tuesday so I left for the airport at 3:30 in the morning. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed and we didn't end up taking off from D.C. till ten minutes before my next flight took off - obviously, I didn't make my connecting flight. It was a nightmare because they deplaned us and then put us back on the plane. My travel day ended up being about twelve hours so I was happy when I stepped onto land! :) My best friend lives in Los Angeles which is about an hour and a half drive from where I live (Palm Springs). So I flew into LAX for the night and then we drove home the next day! We went to the Grove, had dinner and shopped around. I love that city!


[My best friend and I at Dylan's Candy Bar in LA!]


Thanksgiving was amazing, as usual. My mother does an unbelievable job with everything from the table settings to the turkey - she is fabulous! It was nice to just hang out with my family and relax. I have been nonstop all semester so it was nice to take a little break. It was great to just sit back, watch movies with my family, hang out with my dogs and catch up with old friends! By the end of the week I was ready to get back to the city and back to work! I can only sit down for so long. :)


[My family and I on Thanksgiving. A lot to be grateful for!]


[Delicious turkey!]



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