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Home Institution: Salem State University

Internship Site: Financial Services Roundtable

Program: Business and Global Trade Internship Program

My Action Packed Week

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This was a great week in Washington, especially for eating.  I had a nice visit with my mother and brother who stayed here for the weekend, got to watch multiple political debates (which I thoroughly enjoyed), and got to eat some great dinners.  

There is a never a dull moment down here in Washington D.C. Now that we’re winding down and getting closer to the presidential election, Washington is becoming more politically alive… if that’s possible. A couple of our friends from down the hall came over to watch the debate on October 3, which initiated an interesting political discussion in our room. Our floor has very mixed views, and it’s fun to hear how people feel about things (especially if they usually disagree with you but agree with on a topic you for once).  

The Embarrassing Story - and More

Monday, October 01, 2012

What a week it’s been. I am fully immersed into career life now, making me super busy.  I’ve attended two sessions of my class and am still just as enthusiastic about it as I was last week. The Washington Center sure gives us a lot to do, but busy is good; the weeks fly by. What I’ve noticed about Washington D.C. is that it feels lot like Boston to me, with the Metro/T, size of the city, and the culture. The difference is that Washington is filled with people you do want to meet, whereas Boston seems to be filled with people you don’t.  

Surf and Turf

Saturday, September 15, 2012

As week two begins, it’s crazy to think what I’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time. I’ve gotten familiar with the Metro, explored Washington, started a potential career, and began to understand what acronyms mean -- like the NOMA (North of Massachusetts Avenue) Metro stop. I’m still having fun, regardless of how busy I am.  

And So It Begins...

Saturday, September 08, 2012

They say time flies when you're having fun... As my first week in Washington D.C. is coming to a close, it’s amazing to think how quickly it passed by. Move-in-day at The Washington Center felt similar to one at college, where the goal is to snag what you feel is the best spot before someone else gets it. I, for example, appreciate a bed near a window. When I walked in the room I felt starry-eyed; the room was so nice that it didn't matter which spot I picked. I looked around and I saw an island for cooking, a dinner table, a leather couch and chair, a television, and a balcony.

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