My Farewell Lunch and More

My Farewell Lunch and More


Since time here is really winding down, crunch time has begun.  As a resident of the RAF, it’s important to begin tying up loose ends. The mood in our building is difficult to describe. Leaving is bittersweet; I think everyone is mostly feeling nostalgic. Friends of mine who, throughout the whole semester, have been saying “I can’t wait to go home and see my family and friends,” are now realizing they’re actually getting their wish.  I have to start cramming in all those last minute visits with the people I’ve befriended throughout the semester. I’m happy and excited to be going home, but I absolutely don’t want to leave this town. Fortunately, I know someday I’ll be back, and I’ll get to experience this all again.


We had our last class on Monday, and got back our final exams; of course I did well, mom. I haven’t talked much about class throughout my blogs, so I figured I’d throw a section in. My professor was Stephen Hall, and my class was Global Markets and International Business Strategies. Well, being a computer science major, obviously global business isn’t my forte. I have to say, I was very fortunate to have been able to learn from Mr. Hall this semester. He was a great professor; he led interesting class discussions, and he was able to keep me engaged and attentive. In class, that’s a generally a difficult thing for professors to do.


Our commencement ceremony was relatively short and sweet. Our student speakers were phenomenal. They were selected to talk about their experience at TWC. The staff could not have picked better choices to lead the ceremony. They were comical, serious, sentimental, and certainly captivating. Just about everything you’d want to see at commencement. Oh, and by the way, I'm a graduate!



Since I’m in my last week here at work, my company graciously took me out for a farewell lunch. We went to Aria, a pizza/sandwich place a few blocks away. To my surprise, everyone showed up. I’m only kidding; sarcasm is difficult to convey via text.  We had a great meal, and I was taken aback when they presented me with a card signed by all the staff and a gift. I now can sport a beautiful canvas laptop bag around campus, emblazoned with the logo of our company (perfect -- I was in need of a bag like this). I was blessed to work with such a fantastic and certainly eclectic group of individuals. It’s fair to say I’ve learned at least one thing from every person I’ve interacted with at work. That’s how I know I’ve had a great experience.



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