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Home... For Now


I’ve been home just about a week now. When people ask me about what I did in Washington, I’ve realized that I have to summarize the whole experience into about a one-minute speech. If I were to try and tell them stories from start to finish, our conversation would last for hours.


Leaving was certainly bittersweet; it's nice to be home, but I do miss D.C. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things here and working on getting into a system. It’s very different being back in my hometown. I’m happy I get to see my family and friends, but am certainly plotting my return.


The Washington Center provided me with a great experience. The housing was pleasant, the speakers were excellent, and the overall environment was professional. If you are a student considering going through The Washington Center Internship Program, I seriously recommend you apply. You’ll certainly spend your share in the city of Washington, but what you’ll leave with is a lifetime of memories. You’ll make some of the best friends in your life, and meet individuals whom the public will pay for speeches. Also, I’ve realized the program is not solely for political science majors. I’ve met people in vastly different fields, such as marketing, public relations, business, history, English, journalism, and of course, computer science.


Participating in The Washington Center was one of the best things I’ve done academically and career-wise, and it has already opened doors to future opportunities.  I urge you to intern with them, because as far as I can tell, you won’t get an experience like it anywhere else. I look forward to returning to Washington. Thanks for reading this semester!


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