The rabbit hole.

The rabbit hole.

I was waiting for the metro the other day. I looked across the railways and I saw many people –- some of them were reading, others listening to music or just standing there, all of them expecting the arrival of the transport that would take them home. Suddenly, the train arrives. I can't see them anymore. Then, it leaves. There's no one there; they’re all gone.

So, I thought about life, memories and time.

I remember that some months ago my brother told me -– “Living in Washington has been the best experience of my life!” I didn’t know what to think at that time... I mean, everyone has a different perception of things. I was not the one standing on the cobblestone in front of the Capitol Building watching its majestic view –- now I am.

I guess life is very much like that metro view –- I am looking back and thinking about all the great memories that this amazing journey has left me with, all the wonderful people I've had the fortune to meet and how fast everything has gone by. There is just one tiny difference –- I know that as soon as the train leaves, all those memories will still be there staring back at me. They will not fade away. And I believe that’s amazing.


I remember the day I arrived here. I came down off that airplane without knowing what I was getting into. I just had my red notebook with an address –1005 3rd St. NE Washington, D.C. “The Residential and Academic Facility, The Washington Center”. That seems so long ago!


I believe that the greatest thing about life is that you never know what will come up your way and that day, without even realizing it, I was moving into a life altering experience that would change me in more ways that I could ever imagine.

I think that life can give second chances to those who really deserve them –- a new opportunity to change your ways into shaping your own future self; a wakeup call. Washington was mine. I stepped into Alicia's rabbit hole and found out so many things about myself. Some of them are good, others not so much; but they all contributed to place things in perspective –- another reflective closure of an unfinished journey to know myself and what I am capable of.

I have a friend that once told me that people can change from one day to the other if the moment is right – I've been thinking about that too. I wonder if I could sit down to have a cup of coffee with that guy arriving from Mexico three months ago, and ask about himself and his expectations. What would he say? Have I really changed? I don’t know the answer to that question but, I do believe that life has to have a continuous retrospective vision about ourselves in order to become better persons.

I am not proud of many things and I am certainly missing a long walk to become the man that I want to be, but I am grateful for every single baby step I've taken to get there, so, despite all the stumbles and falls I am another step closer. Thank you all for being a part of it.

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