Not over yet...

Not over yet...

The day finally came. Today is my last day at the Washington Center.

I opened up an empty bag to slowly fill it with memories and lessons –- the journey is over but the footsteps linger like steps on fresh pavement. Three months ago we made a transcendental choice in our lives; we took control of our own destiny and bet everything on it –- the pursuit of a dream.

All good things must come to an end. That’s what makes them great, but in this case I don’t believe is over. I think that, as I already said, the waves of the rock we threw into the quiet pond of our lives not so long ago, are going to expand further than we have ever imagined. This trip is over but excellent things await us because we deserve them. This is us, showing to the world that we are not what anybody would expect.

Life is all about the choices we make and the way we live them –- opportunities might come but you have to be ready to claim them. For the last months we all made decisions, some of them good, others not so much, but what's important is the overview of a life experience that changed our lives forever.

It is always hard to say goodbye. All of them were just unknown faces once, today they are way more than that –- Mariesh, Mariandrea, Miri, Meli, Susy, Mike, Bianca, Mano, Brenden, Liss, Andy, Eduardo, Pao, Angie, Jorge, Chucho, Marina, Arqui, Geo, Mariana, Chino, Latte, Jago, Liam, Gaspi, Fabian, Cynthia, Cesar, Dario, Peter, Ana, Dany, Kim, Arturo… so many others, they are all family now. I know I won't forget them.


I'd also want to thank God, my parents, all those who made my scholarship possible, friends and family back in Mexico. They all believed in me, I won't fail them.

I think that gratitude ages very quickly, the only way of showing my appreciation is by honoring this great opportunity and living by it –- like the last line in Saving Private Ryan –- the whisper of a dying era claiming the place it rightfully deserves.

This is the last entry of a great adventure. A great tail told in my own words. I see a great future in all of us, this is not over yet. One thing I am sure of, it is going to be LEGENDARY… wait for it.


Adios amigos.


Héctor Manuel Gómez Vidal


Hector and friends, celebrating their collective success.

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