New York, New York...

New York, New York...

Every trip has a destination and all experiences a lesson – that´s another thing this amazing adventure has taught me.

I guess that the main problem with staying long periods of time in the same place is that you actually forget which direction of the path you were following. Besides, sometimes, getting away for a little while helps you to get back on the right track. It is very much like flying on an airplane and suddenly realizing that what's beneath is your hometown, a place you know by heart. It is all a matter of perception.


Hector at the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Last week I was thinking about who I was when I first stepped out of the airport back in August and the man I am today. Don’t blame me; it's just the melancholy of arriving at the end of the path and taking the final steps of another great stage of my life. As people say, though, it is not over until the fat lady sings, and I still have –- like some character in a movie that I won't quote to avoid been bullied says –- one deep breath before the plunge. So, let me tell you another story:

Last weekend I went to New York! By now it's just unavoidable not to say it –-“start spreading the news; I'm leaving today … New York, New York.” I had so much fun!

But first, the serious part – my advisor for the Washington Center took us to a tour at the United Nations building at First Street. We toured through the most important worldwide institution and got to see the place where the General Assembly gathers. Can you imagine all the big decisions those walls have witnessed?


Hector and friends at the United Nations building in New York City.

After that, we held a meeting with high ranking officials of the UN and, finally, we went to the Mexican Mission to talk to one of the senior counselors for the ambassador of my country at the organization. It was an incredible experience to hear the thoughts of those first handed witnesses to all the international processes that take place in there! It was very exciting!

Then, some of us decided to stay for a few more days to move around the city. I have to say it is not my first time in the Big Apple but I've found that there is always something new to do –- it is such a dynamic place. The streets crowded with holiday shoppers while glowing lights hang from every tree and building –- it's such an amazing view!

I also finally understood the real meaning about the city that doesn’t sleep and, by the way, that saying it is not a metaphor! I guess that I just wanted to confirm it by myself, and oh boy, I did. But I'll talk about it some other time.


New York night life!


So, as I said, I believe that all the experiences and moments we've had during the last few months have left us with a lesson.


For example, I have a friend that told me that he went to a conference just because they had promised to give away free lunch. While he was eating some cheap pizza, some guy approached the stage and said something related to being passionate about everything you do. That day, he decided to be honest with himself and dedicate entirely to the pursuit of his dream.

I am not saying that one should always philosophize about everything you see, but I'd say that life is a coincidence itself, nothing is random. So, look around. I promise I'll do the same, one last glimpse to this amazing place –- I know that’s a view I would never forget.

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