Great experiences, quiet ponds, the forge of our future.

Great experiences, quiet ponds, the forge of our future.

Last week was full of great experiences.

First of all we had a talk with Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Francisco J. Sanchez, who spoke about the motivations that drove him early in his career in public service and his opinions regarding public trade. The dynamic of those conversations allows the students at The Washington Center to approach the speaker and ask him about his convictions and thoughts on certain issues of interest regarding his area of expertise. That way the interaction with high profile professionals makes every conference an enlightening experience.


I also had the opportunity of finally going to the National Zoo. You wouldn’t believe how amazing it is! You can find bears, lions, gorillas, snakes, even a couple of Panda bears! Incredible!


An iguana at the National Zoo.


The aforementioned -- and very popular -- Panda bear.


It is just such a great place. I mean, talking a little bit in utilitarianism language, you can actually say that there are certain occasions when the use of financial public funds can be invested in such attractions to make people happy. A government that worries about the happiness of its citizens is destined to succeed, as long as those politics are used in a responsible way.


Hector and friends at the National Zoo.

By now I also feel compelled to make a little reflection, because I believe that blogging is not just about making a diary that would tell the reader experiences and facts of whatever goes on here, but also, and most important, to share the inside thoughts of the writer my own interior perspective of this whole process.

So, here it goes:

Time has passed. It is very much like throwing a rock into a quiet pond. At first, the weight of it would provoke a violent reaction of waves circling the immersion zone, but then the water will settle down revealing its original nature.

The first month we spent here it was pretty much like that. We all lived into a relatively quiet pond of our lives, when we decided to risk throwing that rock that would awake the calm and allow us to become everything we are called to be. I am sure that the reaction induced by it will circle our lives farther away than we imagined.

There is a term used mostly as a technical expression in air navigation called “the point of no return.” It is usually defined as the point beyond which one must continue on his or her current course of action because turning back is no longer an option. I am not saying by any means that all the experience here should continue as a mandatory progress, but rather to think about it as a great journey that deserves a proper conclusion -- that’s the point we just reached. Making a choice and living by it is never easy. Nobody said that having coherency between thoughts, words and feelings would be something simple, but I believe that everyone should at least try to accomplish that ultimate objective.

The reason I am saying this is because, after all the excitement of getting here -- arriving to this wonderful new city -- there should be also a time to focus on the goals and work that will set us up on the platform of our professional development, our future.


So, now that the pond has calmed down, it is time to look into it and find out what reflection is staring back at us and if that is what we expected to find. 

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