Good luck thirteen.

Good luck thirteen.

Thirteen is not a bad luck number after all. In just three days I managed to turn that belief all the way around. Let me tell you the story one by one.

It all started Saturday morning when my friend and I headed to the Ronald Reagan National Airport to pick up a rental truck for a road trip to Mount Vernon. When we got there, we realized we’d forgotten our passports ― a necessary document to complete the rental ― so we waited until somebody else could take it there.


While we were expecting our friend to arrive with the passport, suddenly we realized that somebody else was trying to get his own rental car; it seemed such a familiar face… Suddenly I remembered― It was Congressman Silvestre Reyes standing right in front of us! We approached him and cordially talked to him for some time. That’s number one.



Mount Vernon, Virginia. We were finally there.



A beautiful and peaceful place, filled with yellow trees that greeted you as you approached one of the most iconic spots of the United States― the beloved home of George Washington. That’s number two.



A lovely house built on the riverside of the Potomac and preserved just the way Washington saw it when he used to call it home. In there, you can actually see the life and work of one of the Founding Fathers of this country ― his military career, his own private study, chambers and inventions, all put together to transport all visitors back to a different time. It's like being a personal guest to the house of the General himself in the XVIII century!



That was a delightful experience.


Three and Four

Bristow, Virginia.


Forty miles away from Mount Vernon, I had the privilege to attend one of the most impressive political gatherings I have ever seen ― President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, made an appearance at a grassroots event to deliver one of their final speeches before the election.



Twenty-four thousand people gathered in a very cold night to witness two iconic politicians of our time. That’s three and four.


Despite the freezing weather and the discomfort of waiting in line, I saw thousands of enthusiastic supporters for the President´s re-election, waiting to hear another electrifying speech by him. When he finally took the stage, he talked about union, tolerance, hope and the forge of the future of a country struggling to find out its new identity. It was a very inspiring speech.


Four to Thirteen

Monday morning. Washington, D.C.


I woke up very early, still dark outside. I had one purpose― to hear a complete oral argument held at the Supreme Court of the United States.


I got there and happily found out that there was still room to stay through the whole discussion. Then, an officer led me to the inside of the courtroom where, at exactly ten o'clock in the morning, all nine Justices took their seats just a couple feet away from me. Those are my remaining nine.


It was a great experience to be present while lawyers delivered their final arguments through a cross-examination exam, in a thorough test of the position they defend. That was incredible! I mean, you can almost imagine yourself being the one standing at the podium, facing nine very experienced legal minds willing to rip your case apart if you are not properly prepared. Can you imagine that? That was something I really enjoyed.


So, as you can see, thirteen is not an unlucky number at all.


Hector and friends at Mount Vernon.

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