To the fly and the bird -- Happy Thanksgiving!

To the fly and the bird -- Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a strange feeling, that sense of anticipation when you feel nervous and excited, but not really sure why that’s the way I felt last Thursday.

I guess it's pretty much like the collective hysteria that drives people to feel the same way that others around them are feeling. I mean, let's think of a hypothetical situation you are standing in the middle of the street minding your own business and all of a sudden, hundreds of people come running right past you -- what would you do? I guess I'd probably run along, without even knowing what's happening.

But I am getting distracted. That Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, and I was feeling weird.

All week long everybody had been talking about dinner and turkeys, a national holiday The Bird Day. I have to acknowledge I was a first-timer regarding pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce, so I could comfortably say that was the reason of all the excitement I had. All of my friends and I committed to make that dinner as traditional as possible, the historical menu prepared in the way it is supposed to be.


Hector's turkey having a bit of fun before the oven.

That whole day was crazy. People running around with pans, pots and bowls to make sure everything would be ready on time. My job was to clean the turkey which I did after teaching it a few flying lessons and prepare desserts. Despite all the hurries, we managed to put everything together precisely on time so the preparations and cooking harmonized with the clinking sounds of glasses and forks, accompanied by the fast chewing of many hungry guests while mellow music played in the surrounding. It was such a nice dinner!


Hector's Washington Center family, celebrating together.

In the middle of it, I realize something living abroad has really changed me. All the faces I was looking at were no longer of people living across the hall or sharing a room with me. Instead I saw friends, brothers and sisters building memories together that I will always cherish. And I'd say that's what all Thanksgiving is about.

Yes, I know that by now you are probably thinking wow! What a corny guy! However, that doesn’t make me less honest; I just know how to put it down in black and white, not that I should apologize for it. Blogging about things and sharing my experiences has taught me to be honest with who I am and to write as if I was doing it for myself. That’s another talent I didn’t know I had.

Again, I am off course. Thanksgiving ended up being an awesome party! I really enjoyed having this holiday with people that I care about and also, to be grateful for all that I had received from so many people that have made who I am. I guess this is not the appropriate place to write it but, either way, I'd like to say thank you all — both to the fly and the birdfrom the bottom of my heart.


Hector and some friends after dinner!

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