Wait, why are we already talking about FINALS!?

Wait, why are we already talking about FINALS!?

I REFUSE to believe that I have been in London for two months already. In fact, it scares me to know that I only have twenty-seven days left in this beautiful country. Where did the time go? It definitely feels like we just arrived at Heathrow, moving into our flats and running out to explore the city. It's really a sad thought to think that in less than four weeks, we will be leaving our homes in London and heading back to the United States. So, the best thing to do is to simply make the most out of every situation that is presented to us over the next few weeks, big or small, and enjoy everything that we do from now until we go home!


Working at the Women's Resource Centre

I absolutely adore my internship at the Women's Resource Centre! Having firsthand experience working at a blanket women's organisation (yes, since I've been here, it has become engrained in my head that using the letter 'z' in certain words is unacceptable) has been a great experience. I couldn't be happier with the placement that I was given through The Washington Center, because it not only ties in to my future career goals but it also gave me a chance to work in a slightly different field than I originally anticipated. Most importantly, working specifically in communications and media has been a great placement, because I have been able to see that I am capable of handling this quick, fast-paced industry and work on demanding tasks.


These next few weeks at my internship are going to be pretty intense, because I want to get the most out of this offering while I am still here.


Final Presentations

In our classes at CAPA, we have several presentations that are coming up. In our Learning Through Internships class, we each have to present on our internships, as well as how working at these sites tie into specific social issues or aspects of society. My presentation has to relate to the media, politics, or law. I haven't quite figured out which angle I am going to tackle for my presentation, but if any of you fine readers have any ideas, please let me know!


For our other class, London as a Global City, we are able to get a bit more creative with our presentations. My classmate Shaun and I have decided to team up and do an epic presentation about Pubs & Clubs in London. I must admit, I'm pretty excited for this presentation. After all, pub culture (my portion of the presentation) is incredibly important all over England! In my time here in London, I have been able to understand how significant pubs are to the English culture. I'll definitely keep you all posted on how Shaun's and my presentation goes!


So... apparently Scotland is happening now?

I'm not looking forward to having to pack my bags and leave the UK, but I have managed to squeeze one more trip in while we are here. My roommates and I have booked one final trip to Scotland! We're heading to Edinburgh from November 9th -- 11th (which is actually my dad's birthday weekend, so I'll be sure to get him something nice from the countryside) and then we have one more weekend in London before jetting off to the United States! Megan, Ashley, Anum and I are currently in the process of planning this trip out, as well as looking into some cool tours while we are there. I'll keep you all posted and let you know how the trip goes once we get back!


Well, this was fun, and it was nice chatting, but I have to get back to my homework. So, let's pick this up next time, and have a great week!!





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