Site Visits, Elections & Family Dinners

Site Visits, Elections & Family Dinners

Time is going by too fast. I have eleven days left in London out of this three-month semester, and there is so much going on! Last week, us TWC interns were graced by a familiar face... our TWC London advisor, Peter Stephens! Everyone was so excited to see Peter once he arrived in London, especially since we haven't seen him since our two week seminar in Washington, D.C. We all had a lot of catching up to do with Peter, and were overjoyed when we were told Peter would be visiting all of our internship sites. But we were even more excited to hear that all 20 of us would be going out for dinner with Peter, because when you get all of us together at one table, we're like one big family.


Site Visits!

Peter spent the entire week running around London, visiting twenty different sites. This was a chance for our TWC professor to see our progress over the duration of our semester in London, as well as get to see all the work we've done and how we have adjusted at our internship sites. When Peter visited my site with CAPA Internship staff member Yvonne, I met them at the door and showed them the layout of the office at the Women's Resource Centre. We all got comfortable and grabbed seats around my desk, and I proceeded to show them all of the progress I have made this semester.


Peter and Yvonne seemed to enjoy visiting my internship, and it was a great opportunity to catch up with Peter and self-reflect on all the good work I have completed since I have been here in London.


We don't call it just 'dinner,' its our FAMILY dinner.


After a long week of visiting different internships, Peter called us all together to meet up at a restaurant and have dinner with each other. Once we were all settled in at the restaurant, and Peter had made his rounds to greet all of us, I decided it was time for a photo-op.



With twenty-one people ordering steaks and burgers, it takes quite a bit of time for the food to finally reach the table. We were all getting a little restless waiting, so more random photos were taken. Kethia and Chris decided to pose for a few...



Of course, Sarah and I couldn't resist one picture!



Further down the table, Peter seemed to be engaging in deep conversation with some of our TWC classmates. Since we were sitting at the far end of the table, I thought it would be worth taking a picture of Nigel anxiously waiting for his food, while Peter talked with some other students.



Overall, our family dinner was a great success. The food was amazing (Chris and I ordered 12 oz. steaks, which were INCREDIBLE), the conversation was both silly yet thought-provoking (at times), and it was nice to enjoy a meal with twenty of my closest friends. It was a bittersweet moment, because although we were having a great time at the dinner, it was going to be the last time we all sat together for a meal with our TWC professor, Peter. We made the most of the night, had a great time, and hopefully we will all once again be around the same table, perhaps once we arrive back in the United States.


The Presidential Election

Before heading to London for the semester, I thought that I would be missing out on one of the most critical presidential elections of our nation's history by being abroad. However, I found out very early into my semester abroad that if there's something that the English like to discuss, it's POLITICS. If they're not talking about their own political issues, whether it's about the parties or certain Parliamentarians, Londoners have such a heavy interest in American politics! From what I've seen, the U.K. media has been solidlly covering the U.S. election over the time that I've been here. I didn't expect Londoners to have such an invested interest in the 2012 Presidential election, but they do. They are very vocal about who they would prefer in office (cough, OBAMA, cough), and they have long conversations about why they disagree with other candidates in the running.


So, on Election Day, after class, my roommates and I ran home to watch BBC all night and follow the election that was happening in the States. Everyone had different plans on how they would spend their Election Day (interns Lyndsey and Stephenie actually went to a pretty awesome pre-election party, and anxiously awaited the election results into the wee hours of the night). As we flipped through different news channels, it was clear that the election would be a close one. All of us crossed our fingers, hoping that our absentee ballots would make the slightest difference in who may win.


Since there's a five-hour time difference, there's no way we would have stayed awake to hear the election results in real-time. So, I did what I thought seemed like a smart decision at the time: I set alarms at 45-minute intervals over the course of the night, so I could check the news and follow the election. Lets just say I kept pressing snooze on a few of those middle-of-the-night alarms, and woke up at 3AM (10PM EST). I hadn't heard anything significant, so I went back to sleep. By the time I woke up to get ready to go to work, around 6:45AM (1:45AM EST), I was overjoyed to see that Obama had been re-elected for a second term. I woke my roommates up a few minutes later to share the great news.


Well done, America. Well done.


Gotta start packing!

As I previously mentioned, we only have eleven days left in London. It's so sad to think about having to leave! Yes, the packing process has officially begun. Lets just say, I've purchased way too much since I've been here, and I'm probably going to need to invest in a third suitcase...


... So what happened to Scotland?

Never fear, my roommates and I are headed away on one final trip to Scotland this weekend! You all should hear about that adventure over the next few days (and trust me, it's definitely going to be worth reading), so stay tuned!



Sharon =]

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