Last Minute Opportunities!

Last Minute Opportunities!

My internship at the Women's Resource Centre has presented me with multiple opportunities over the semester. Whether it was by me accompanying the CEO of the organization to an event, or helping my supervisor with a difficult task, I have been given loads of responsibility and chances to further enrich my internship experience. On Wednesday, as I was working on a project for my boss, the CEO, Vivienne Hayes came into the office and approached my desk. She wanted me to accompany her to an event that was being hosted at Parliament, in the House of Lords. I couldn't believe that she wanted me to go with her, and I jumped at the opportunity!


The event we went to was about sex discrimination in the U.K. Criminal Justice System. While we commuted from our office in Barbican to Westminster, the CEO explained to me that she wanted me to accompany her, because she knew that I was studying criminal justice in college and she also wanted me to have the exposure by meeting these policy writers and Parliamentarians. It was so nice of her to invite me to the event, and it gave me great insight into the sex and gender discrimination issues that the U.K. faces.


Aside from my recent visit to the House of Lords, I still had a bit of unfinished business of my own...I needed to scratch some of the activities off my list of things I need to complete before leaving London. I must admit, I'm pretty impressed at how many things I was able to complete in such a short amount of time!


Here's the revised list.


My List of Things I Still Need to Do Before I Leave:

1. Try a full English breakfast


2. Visit the Tower of London


3. Tour Buckingham Palace


4.Visit Parliament in the day time

-- Well, I was able to do this with my organization's CEO, on our way to the event at the House of Lords!


5.Buy London souvenirs

-- I spent WAYY too much money souvenir shopping for family and friends. But I can finally cross this one off the list.


6. Ride the London Eye when it's NOT raining


7.Stand on the wrong side of the escalator on the Tube

-- I did this on Thursday, on my way to field study...lets just say I got a lot of angry Londoners making snarky comments under their breath!


8.Ride every London Underground train line (so far I've ridden on about 7 of the 10)

--DONE! I finally rode the Bakerloo, Waterloo, and Metropolitan lines.

9.Go on one last shopping spree on Oxford Street

-- completed, after work.

10.Visit Harrods (and buy something)!

-- I visited Harrods, but i didn't buy anything. The check-out lines were too long, and I was strapped for time!


11.Have a conversation with a London taxi driver

-- I had an interesting conversation with one of the Taxi drivers. We discussed how he felt about driving in the city. He said he loved his job, but it was still very stressful and time consuming. We also talked about gas prices.


12.Go at least 12 hours straight, speaking in an English accent

-- I went 4 hours straight at work! I'll consider that enough.


13. Yell 'God Save The Queen' on the Tube--- I did this Friday night, on our way to a nightclub at Leicester Square.


14.Cross London Bridge

-- Complete. :)


So 10 out of 14 are complete off the list! I think that's pretty good, don't you?



Only a few days left.





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