Global Cities, Globalization & The Transatlantic World Student Symposium

Global Cities, Globalization & The Transatlantic World Student Symposium

CAPA International Education, our sponsoring partner in London, invited all of us Washington Center Interns to its annual student symposium. The symposium was definitely very educational and provided many interesting speakers. There were several sessions throughout the day, and all the speakers provided great insight into numerous global issues. Most importantly, there were both American and British speakers on the panels, so there was good representation on both ends. Ultimately, the Global Cities, Globalization & Transatlantic World Student Symposium was a great experience, and definitely gave us TWC interns insight into global issues that are prevalent in both the U.S. and the U.K.


First and foremost, it's also important to note that there are approximately over 200 other students that are studying in the U.K. through CAPA International, and this symposium gave us an opportunity to all get together and introduce ourselves, as well as come into contact with CAPA students we already have relationships with. We were all eager to participate in the symposium, and it was such a positive vibe to have over 200 students in one space with similar interests.


Throughout the day, after the speakers gave their presentations, the students in the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers during a question & answer period. I must say, I was very proud to be one of the Washington Center interns, because of all the students in the audience, our group was definitely the most engaged and had the most questions and comments for the speakers! Several questions from TWC interns Stephanie, Lyndsey, and Megan were thought-provoking and insightful. Ultimately, it was nice to see my fellow TWC classmates engaging heavily in the symposium!


Personally, one of the most interesting discussions to me was regarding gentrification in London and New York City, by Professor Loretta Lees from King's College in London. This was particularly interesting to me because after living in London for two months, and being a native New Yorker, I can directly relate to this issue. Professor Lees talked about several neighborhoods in Brooklyn that are facing heavy forms of gentrification. She related the gentrification in New York to London's gentrification and how there are similar causes and effects that led to each. Some neighborhoods that Professor Lees discussed are literally minutes away from where I live, so I found this topic to even be somewhat personal.


Overall, the Student Symposium was a great experience! I'm glad that CAPA International gave us the opportunity to participate, and it was very enriching in every aspect. Most importantly, it affected all of the TWC interns in some way. All of my classmates were deeply engaged in the conference, and I'm sure this symposium had a lasting effect on each of them.


More coming up next week---stay tuned!!




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