The Final Stretch

The Final Stretch

As the semester comes to an end for us London interns, it is clear that everyone is getting prepared to head back to the States. Everyone is running around buying their  souvenirs and if you're me, you're trying to figure out how you're going to pack everything without having to purchase a third suitcase. Between saying farewell to the people at our internship sites, packing to go home, and cherishing each last moment spent with our friends, everything has become pretty emotional around here.


Final Classes

In our two main classes, our last class periods were spent doing final presentations. One by one, we all took the stage for about 15 minutes in each class, presenting our final projects to our classmates. As we all sat attentively and learned about one another's internship sites, as well as other topics of interest, each classmate was responsible to grade each other's presentations. This was a fairly easy task, since we all did a FANTASTIC job on our presentations!


Our Field Study class was a bit different this week. We had the privilege to choose where we wanted to go on our final field study, so my classmates and I decided to visit an art gallery in East London. We all met at the Shoreditch High Street Underground stop, and walked on to the art gallery. Unfortunately, with the amount of time it took for us to find the art gallery, once we arrived we had less than thirty minutes to spend in the actual exhibit. So, we quickly glanced through the exhibit and left.


Well, that was unfortunate! We made the best of the situation, and since we had our final dinner in two hours' time, it didn't make sense to head back to our flats in Kensington. So, following our professor, we headed to the Spitalfields Market, which luckily wasn't too far away.


Since Spitalfields is an outdoor market, it was FREEZING to walk around! At this point, everyone was getting a little aggravated with the cold weather and we were all hungry. With two hours to go until our farewell dinner, there was not much to do. After walking around the market for quite some time, we window shopped in a few stores around the market then found ourselves running into the warmth of a cafe. Everyone ordered cappuccinos and lattes, and we tried to log on to the cafe's free wifi, but only a few of us succeeded.


Our Farewell Dinner on Brick Lane!

Brick Lane is world-known for it's famous curry houses. CAPA International chose a restaurant on Brick Lane for us to have our farewell dinner, and the food was absolutely delicious!


Not all of our classmates joined us for the farewell dinner, because several people had events to attend with their internships. As we waited for our food to come to the table, we had great conversation with one another. One of our professors joined us for dinner, and we discussed with Dr. Frith how much we enjoyed her class. Since we were all starving, by the time the food arrived we were all absolutely silent. I had a chicken curry dish, along with some rice, naan, and this really yummy potato dish. Everyone shoveled the food into their mouths, and it wasn't until we were all getting full that the conversation picked back up.


The CAPA staff wanted to make the dinner fun for all of us, so they played a trivia game. We each got a raffle ticket, and if your ticket number was called, you had to correctly answer the trivia question in order to receive a prize. And guess whose raffle ticket was called first? ME!


Fortunately for us, the trivia questions were all things that we had discussed in class, so it wasn't too difficult. I easily answered the first question, and I won an gift card. Not too shabby, eh?


After dinner, we presented our professors with gifts that we got for them, as well as personalized cards that we each filled out. We shook hands with the staff at CAPA, bid our farewells, and headed home.


So what now?

Everyone's in the process of getting all of their things packed up and ready to go for Sunday. I can't believe that the time has flown by so fast! I need to figure out my luggage situation, and make sure that I can fit everything without having to pay some ridiculous 'overweight baggage charge' at the airport. We shall see.





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